A Better Day

A lot of people are mentioning/playing this clip from Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 of Bush’s inauguration, compare and contrast-

So far though with regard to the Bush crime family there is nothing to celebrate, he got stole two full terms, he has not been hindered one bit. We shall see…

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Philip Weiss notes the Obama Whitehouse on foreign policy with regard to Israel-

Obama’s White House is now online. The White House’s foreign-policy agenda begins by vowing “to seek a lasting peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” But then three paragraphs of absolute support for Israel no matter what is very disappointing. Not a shock, but disappointing nonetheless. And of course not a word about the Gaza slaughter and destruction. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

I do notice belligerence towards Iran, no mention of Israeli nukes, they get to violate the NPT with impunity (well by not signing it and never officially recognising their large arsenal and America plays along, plus Bush also violated it)  but..they do mention talks with Iran without pre-conditions. Afghanistan is in their crosshairs, is there any chance they will stop chumming up with warlords and swapping one tyranny for another? And air war in Afghanistan is …well a tactic that needs to be ended. What is thankfully missing is deranged neocon zealotry. The imperial pragmatists are in charge, no more, no less.

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Even The Choir Was In Uniform

No doubt he is a spectacularly capable politician but to remake America one must first dismantle empire, or the republic is doomed.

Oh but, Davros.

Bolivian Hate Radio

Reporters Without Borders (excerpt):-

An organisation that defends press freedom and free expression, Reporters Without Borders believes it has a duty to denounce the use of news media to incite racism, violence or murder. It was for this reason that the organisation condemned the behaviour of Jorge Melgar Quete, who was arrested on 13 October in Riberalta, in the northeastern department of Beni.

Melgar’s commentaries on Beni’s Canal 18 TV station were just hate-filled rants against the indigenous origins of many Bolivians and the country’s democratically-elected president. In an opinion piece published in the dailies La Razón and La Prensa on 21 October, Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Jean-François Julliard voiced outrage at the fact that the media were being used to express such views.

For the same reason, as a warning, we are publishing on our website passages from “Nuestra Palabra”, a hate programme hosted by lawyer Luis Arturo Mendivil on Radio Oriental, a station he owns in the eastern city of Santa Cruz. Mendivil’s radio editorials glorify the Unión Juvenil Cruceñista, a radical Santa Cruz-based group that has carried out repeated physical attacks on state media such as Canal 7 TV and the Red Patria Nueva radio network because of their perceived support for the central government in La Paz.

Transcript (excerpt)-

Second editorial, 11 June 2008:
“I am not proud of being a Bolivian, as the collas would say. I am proud of being a camba, of being a Santa Cruz man to the core. I want to be an Amazonian. I want to take advantage of this piece of Latin America without having to keep the company of these ignorant brutes, these animals in human form. I will never stop calling them that, these drugged, alcoholic maniacs who yesterday or the day before tried to demonstrate their ferocity in La Paz like poor animals. When a human being takes the form of a two-legged animal, when a human being loses his rationality, when we listen to these brutes and imbeciles who govern us, each day we lose a bit, or a lot of what we aspire to become.

I was listening to this imbecile, this ignorant cretin who represents us on the international stage, I was listening to him say he was not satisfied with the ambassador’s statement but would consult lawyers. Obviously, it is a man with knowledge of international law who can maintain relations between peoples, and not this stupid donkey, this animal, this stone llama freak. We must develop every possible mechanism to oppose this proposed referendum which makes no sense, which is just a sexual infatuation between the government and Tuto Quiroga [former president and current head of Podemos, the main opposition party, who is regarded as traitor by the most radical supporters of autonomy]. We won’t let ourselves be screwed by these sell-outs. They are all in the same corner as this crazy government that wants to make us submit to a socialist-model economy that has failed all over the world.

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