Fake Truce

Alan Fisher, Al Jazeera’s correspondent on the Gaza-Israel border, said: “What the Israelis are doing by this unilateral declaration is taking all the power into their own hands and they will almost dictate now what happens, and when.

“Ehud Barak [the defence minister] has been quoted … as saying that Israel has achieved almost all its goals.

“So it would seem that Israel is happy now to call it quits to this operation, believing that it has done all it set out to do.

About 1,230 Gazans have been killed in Gaza since the offensive began, according to UN and Palestinian medical sources.

Israel decided on a unilateral ceasefire in preference to entering into an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire with Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, analysts said.

The unilateral truce allows Israel to avoid agreeing concessions with the Palestinian group, such as easing the 18-month-old blockade of the Gaza Strip, which has prevented medical aid and basic supplies from reaching the Palestinians.

Yes they will stop killing, no they will not treat Palestinians as human beings and the UK and the US will go along with this aggressors scam. This is not a truce just a lull in the extermination program. Good that they are standing down, but the problem remains, Israel is not a genuine seeker of a just and peaceful solution.

“They have killed his family.”

The below clip is an Israeli news show where a reporter has on his phone a doctor who is in Gaza who has just seen his family murdered by the IDF-

You may not be able to understand the language [Update: Second Video from Al Jazeera added which has subtitles, ht2 Rafael] but the embarrassed, shamed news presenters as they show what their country is so proud of doing and the anguish in the bereaved father’s voice go straight to the heart of the matter. I warn you, you will have an immediate emotional reaction to this. NB.- As Jews San Frontieres have noted the ADL now work with youtube in regard to dealing with ‘offensive’ content, this is the ADL condemning the UN for calling for a ceasefire, (that was in December some 850 deaths ago). Whatever good work the ADL have done in the past they are, under Abe Foxman, currently akin to a hate group, with a zionist agenda and we are seeing graphically in Gaza what that agenda entails. Contact youtube and insist they find better arbiters of what is offensive, people who don’t defend murder, before such clips begin disappearing. Below are rough transcripts of some of the call-

Transcript of first 2 minutes:

Eldar: …we have on the line Dr. Abu El-Eish, we have been talking with him over the past period… he [his home] was just shelled, his family is wounded, maybe I can replay…

Dr. Abu El-Eish: No one can get to us… (unclear)… Ya Rabi, Ya Rabi (my god).. [he continues to cry throughout while Eldar talks to the audience]

Eldar: They killed his family, over the past few days we have been… I think I’m a bit overwhelmed too because,… (tearing up) Dr. Abu El-Eish is a Tel Hashomer physician, [to the doctor] Abu El-Eish we are now in the studio, [back to the audience] and he kept fearing his family would get hurt, once this week he went on air to Gabi Gazit [another anchor], because this was the only way [apparently referring to the previous near-miss incident]…. In short, he was now hit, who was hurt Abu El-Eish?

Dr. Abu El-Eish: My girls, Ya Allah, Ya Allah

[around 1:00 into clip]

Eldar: He has eight children whom he has protected throughout the war, at his home in Beit Lahiya, maybe the only thing we can do is to ask someone who can, maybe in the IDF, Abu El-Eish can you tell me where your house is, maybe they will enable ambulances to get there

Dr. Abu El-Eish: (unclear) …to save them, to save them, but they are dead already they were hit in the head, it was in their heads [died] on the spot, on the spot, Shlomi, Ya Allah, … what have we done, what have we done [repeatedly]… they killed the family… [more screams in the background]

(Reuters) – Israeli television broadcast desperate cries for help from a Palestinian doctor on Friday after his children were killed in an Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip and troops later helped surviving members of the family.

The telephone calls created extraordinary scenes during evening news broadcasts as the doctor, a Hebrew-speaking physician who spoke regularly on Israeli television, said three of his children were killed in a tank strike and others were wounded.

“My girls were sitting at home planning their futures, talking, then suddenly they are being shelled,” he said in a voice shaking with emotion. “I want to know why they were killed, who gave the order?”

Izz el-Deen Aboul Aish is a gynecologist who worked in one of Israel’s main hospitals before Gazans were effectively sealed off behind an Israeli-led blockade on the Hamas-controlled enclave. He often gave interviews to Channel 10 television.

With Israeli journalists unable to report from the Gaza Strip independently, Aboul Aish acted as a Hebrew-speaking witness who told of the Palestinian civilians’ suffering under fire during Israel’s three-week-old offensive there.

The deaths of more than 1,150 Palestinians, some 700 of them civilians by one independent count, have left the Israeli public largely unmoved. An overwhelming majority backs a war to end Hamas rocket fire that, before the offensive, had killed 18 people and disrupted life in southern towns over recent years.

Channel 10 correspondent Shlomi Eldar, who said he had planned a live on-air interview with Aboul Aish on Friday evening, produced a mobile phone in the studio, letting viewers here the voice of Aboul Aish: “My God, my girls, Shlomi,” he said. “Can’t anybody get to us, please?”

Eldar told his audience: “They have killed his family.”

He said three of Aboul Aish’s children were killed and two were seriously wounded. Building up the sense of drama, cameras followed him as left the studio, saying he would try to help arrange for their transfer for treatment, and safety, in Israel.

Surviving members of the family were later shown being transferred to Israeli ambulances and taken out of Gaza. Aid agencies have complained that Israel has not done enough to help Gaza’s hospitals and allow the transfer of some wounded people.

Aboul Aish’s brother was also wounded and Eldar said two of his brother’s children had also been killed in the incident.

The Israeli army said troops fired on Aboul Aish’s house because a sniper had fired on soldiers from the building.

Aboul Aish responded: “All that was ever fired out of our house was love, hugs and acts of peace, nothing else, ever.”