Friday! Red Guitars- New Technology

So I get a letter from my ISP saying I have not paid my bill and could I pay them otherwise they may restrict my connection. Thing is the letter arrived the same day they cut my line, giving me all of zero time to respond before they unceremoniously dumped me off the intertubes. So waiting on hold and phone-calls to scripted call centres in far flung places ensue, then onto my bank and finally 24 hours later it becomes clear, the bank accidentally cancelled my DD. They have now apologised and given me some dosh but that has not helped get me reconnected nor does it affect my ISP operating like lunatics and cutting me off before giving me time to deal with it, they allege I will get my line back in 24-48 hours but hello The Weekend, hmmmm. So borrowing some wireless to update and get up a Friday Choon! And whatever happens there will be a post on Monday featuring a splendid giveaway, stay tuned…

PS. The US abstained, shock horror and the massacre in the house Eva Bartlett first reported some days ago looks to be becoming harder to hide but media in telly/radio world is astonishingly…well deferential to power, like they issue kneepads with the job.

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