Alexei Sayle on Gaza & Israeli Violence

“…as I say, I think it’s important that Jewish people who have a public profile, that we speak out to say that this is not being done in our name. I think that Israel has an idea of itself as being noble. Israeli people have an idea of themselves as being noble. When you attack somebody but you have this idea of yourself that you’re the good guy and you think that well, how can this be? I’m the good guy and I’m killing these people, and what you do is you blame the people that you killed and you hear all the time from Israeli spokespeople that they are angry with the people they have murdered for making them murder them.
And it is the foulest..kind of is the psychology of the murderer, it is the psychology of the rapist, it is the psychology of the bully. That’s what Israel is in this situation.”

2 Responses to “Alexei Sayle on Gaza & Israeli Violence”

  1. Lynn Says:

    The crisis in the Middle east. No matter what the reasoning there is NO justification for killing So many Palestinian Lives. The numbers of Palestinian CIVILIANS who are innocent victims in Israel’s assault against the Hamas is sinful. One life on either side to die is too much; yet how do you begin to justify almost 300+ Palestinians(women, Children, fathers, brothers) to Israels count of 1 Israeli, or two or four. How can we sit back and allow Israel to Kill so many innocent people over and over again in the name of their cause to eliminate Hamas. As Americans, look into your hearts, there is no justification for what is happening to the Palestinian Civilians; who hears their cry, who cares about their babies, their young children, their mothers and fathers. Are we so involved with materialism, the television, the propaganda we are fed; that we forget to value all life. Being too busy is no excuse, ignorance is no excuse. These are children of God too; eventually we will have to answer why we allowed this killing to go on. Didn’t we learn from the Hollocast? As Humans created by
    God; we are suppose to be above wild animals, chosen in the image of God; Is the image we want for ourselves. This fighting seems to have come after the election and before Obama is in office so no one
    can interfere with the Israeli plan. As Americans if this ever happens to us; let’ hope the powers of the world that could help us; don’t turn their back on us; like we have done to the Palestinians. Lynn/New Jersey/USA

  2. zayaer malik Says:

    i respect what alexi has to say i know many jews with same views it brings another view point to the what is going on, more should speak out against this genocide which is being committed in our names only together can we defeat the monster we have created in the name of peace. Israel shpoul be ashamed of its actions how can they do this when have been on the othet side in fences and suffered at the hands of evil. Its time for us to do something.

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