Email From The ICRC in Iraq

We would like to thank you for your recent correspondence addressed to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) with regard to the situation of Mr Muntadar Al-Zaidi.

Please note that the ICRC is in contact with the relevant Iraqi mechanism for the monitoring of Human Rights and will follow the situation. We have taken due note of the accounts received with regard to Mr Muntadar Al-Zaidi and would like to thank you for this information. We can assure you that we will follow up on these concerns.
Yours faithfully,
Laurent Saugy
Protection Coordinator

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Hell In A Handbasket

An interesting lengthy Bloomberg (!) article about how the Chicago School are reacting to the failure of the idiotic, cruel & inhuman beliefs. Some are moderating their fundamentalism, some retain it even while continuing to sweep under the rug their demonstrable failure and their role in torture and murder around the world. But this small paragraph is rather funny and suggests the huge breadth of debate being permitted amongst the ruling class-

Barack Obama, who will referee the laissez-faire versus free- market debate as U.S. president, has pledged the largest spending on infrastructure since the 1950s to save or create 3 million jobs.

It goes on to repeat what we already know, Obama’s team is full of Chicago drones, but really, they are vacillating between laissez-faire versus free- market? So the free market and the French phrase meaning…the free market. Whom does Bloomberg think their audience are?

So Friedmanite fundmentalist vs. Friedmanite pragmatists, oh yeah everythings gonna work out just fine. Democratic -party- debate at its finest. And you thought Rick Warren was bad.

Establishment vs. Brian Haw, Again


brian haw narrowly escaped parliament square ban in court today

the GLA couldn’t get rid of him. the government couldn’t get rid of him. even the flawed SOCPA legislation failed in it’s main aim to get rid of him, but today, a magistrate at horseferry road very nearly succeeded!

the case arises from an alleged assault by brian on a man named nigel cutteridge back in september 2007. although police didn’t even approach brian about the incident until two months later.

nigel cutteridge has previous convictions and is certainly a maverick (he also ran a strange website although this is currently down).

during the sentencing today, mr cutteridge (who is a self-confessed alcoholic) was expelled from the court by the judge. he was then expelled from the courthouse building because of threatening behaviour towards one of brian’s supporters, barbara tucker.

at the time of the alleged assault, cutteridge had been drinking cider early in the morning, and had continually interrupted a conversation between brian haw and activist/comedian mark thomas (who was one of the defence witnesses in the case). at the time of the incident, cutteridge was apparently dressed in a pirate hat, wore lipstick, had his pants outside his trousers, and was wielding a cricket bat!

some time after the alleged assault, he boasted to an independent journalist (quite by chance in the street) about how he had been egged on by parliamentary police to goad brian and hassle him – he told her the police were very happy with him and would arrange publicity for him when they arrested brian. the journalist took notes of the strange unsolicited conversation, but the court didn’t get to hear this evidence and the judge also refused to allow other dvd evidence of police collusion, including a long conversation between cutteridge and parliamentary police.

judge tubbs accepted the word of mr cutteridge (whose police record shows an astounding 213 stop-and-searches, as well as other convictions or cautions including ‘drunk and disorderly’ and ‘behaviour liable to cause alarm or distress’), and she found brian guilty last week of common assault.

at the sentencing today at horseferry road, she imposed a 56-day ‘exclusion order’, banning brian from parliament square, whitehall and the area around parliament.

this would have given police the opportunity to remove his last few placards, the tent he sleeps in, and the voice of conscience he represents to the MPs that voted for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. in a flurry of legal activity, barristers argued that the ban could not be imposed as it would effectively make him homeless, but judge tubbs was adamant the decision would stand.

however, brian’s barrister succeeded in lodging an immediate appeal, and in the face of that, judge tubbs had to finally back down, suspending the sentence until the outcome of such appeal.

in the meantime, brian and a few loyal supporters will continue their vigil in parliament square throughout christmas and into the new year – please offer them some support if you can.