Oh The Humanity!

“People are horrified. They are frightened of being exposed. They don’t know how to go on,” said a Boston-area psychologist, cited in an interesting story by Svea Herbst of Reuters: “Many duped investors have been left with a sense of betrayal so strong that it will cause severe psychological scars, said Dr. James Grubman, a psychologist who counsels wealthy families in the Boston area struggling with the emotional issues of having money.”

Maybe if I get a paypal button we could all just pull together, collect some money and help these poor, poor lambs. Even if they don’t lose any money, they need help (is mo’ money, mo’ problems on his card?) . C’mon people, therapy doesn’t pay for itself!

[Note to self- Best scam evah! Treating rich idiots for being rich, why did I not become a psychologist? Dammit!]

Check his site –Family Wealth Consulting, absolute genius!

Dr. Jim Grubman of FamilyWealth Consulting works with families of wealth, family businesses, and the advisors who serve them.  Using skills developed as a psychologist for over 30 years, he helps individuals and families understand and overcome the natural dilemmas of acquired or inherited wealth.  He also teaches, trains, and collaborates with the many important advisors in clients’ lives.  The goal – to help those with good fortune achieve their greatest potential.

Pass the tissues, I’m overcome (steady).

2 Responses to “Oh The Humanity!”

  1. harpymarx Says:

    Struggling with the emotional issues of having money…?

    Here’s a thought you parasitical exploitative capitalists….
    Redistribution of wealth!!!!!!!!

  2. RickB Says:

    Well you’ve solved their problems except one- he then won’t get paid. Also strikes me he might be a Randroid with his attitude, would explain a lot.

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