Shadowy Child Kidnapping Gang Strikes Again

For some reason the tabloids have not become aroused with fantasies of paedophile terror groups over this story. Let me tell you what we know so far- Twins: Ziyad and Bahabga Zighem aged 6 years 3 months, Rahima 4 years and 4 months, Hani 3 years and 6 months, and Zinedine 2 years and 3 months– were kidnapped on the 27th October at 6 am. Their parents were also taken but their father was separated from them. Since then the children have been held in appalling condiutons-

the mattresses were badly stained with blood and urine and the children and wife have very itch dry red spots. When they asked for medication it took three days to arrive.

Their mother was pregnant-

Akila said they were expecting their sixth child and believes that due to the distress and her husband being separated from her and the children in detention she miscarried.

So five children aged between 6 and 2 are in prison held by the thuggish ‘Border Agency’ a known criminal organisation with deep connections in government and the security services. Because of its power the press are afraid of crossing it and its associates, consequently it is rampaging through Britain kidnapping and imprisoning people under flimsy pretexts only understood by Sun readers with severe brain damage.

These five children are not seeking asylum nor are they migrants, they were all born in the UK, denied the parentage of the country they were born in, by deliberate, discriminatory legislation in the ‘British Nationality Act 1981’ (came into force 1982).

The children’s father worked for years as a school caretaker and the children were all born here in the UK. But this act passed by Thatcher has been used as a back door to escape prosecution by the ‘Border Agency’ gang.

Tell my teacher Mrs. Khalk and my friends Marshall, Damian, Asaid and Adam at Peel Park Primary School that I am in prison with my family.’  Ziyad Zighem aged 6 years 3 months,
I spoke to Mestah Zighem, Akila’s husband in Harmondsworth and asked him how the family ended up in detention. He said he was picked up at his children’s school where he has worked as a caretaker for a number of years. The Home Office alleges that he is a foreign criminal but Mestah says he is as clean as a whistle, and that his is a case of mistaken identity.

So should you feel the urge to raise the matter of our country imprisoning children and toddlers  because of allegations made against their father without any proof or due process please contact your representatives about the Zighem Family from Bradford currently held in Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre with their mother Akila Lazazi & their father Mestah Zighem held in Harmondsworth. (ht2 Chicken Yoghurt)

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