Friday! Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards

Billy Bragg- Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards, anticipation? Or if you need some cynicism try Futurama remixed by a Cynthia McKinney supporter, clone politics-

Or let Chomsky clear your head: Vote Obama in swing states but without illusions-

…and if McPalin is announced the ‘winner‘, time for that velvet revolution.

PS. Super Bonus grooves: Via kwiebusch this flash mixer- lets you remix Dark+Long (Dark Train) by Underworld to your hearts content, you see you don’t just get music to listen to here, you can make it too! If you are unfamiliar with the track (for shame!) check it below. Then get mixing!
Underworld Dark+Long (Dark Train) live-

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2 Responses to “Friday! Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards”

  1. harpymarx Says:

    Waiting for the Great Leap Forward…is the only Billy Bragg song I likes….

  2. RickB Says:

    Not even New England or St Swithin’s day? Well you see I am beta testing WordPress’s new psychic powers feature thus I was able to divine your single Bragg preference. Ok I’m getting something else through the ether….yes…did you use a computer to make that comment? See, it’s good.
    Watch out Acorah!

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