Hey Australia!

Thanks to commenter Bill! Australia, your mission should you choose to accept it- Adam Curtis’ The Way of All Flesh is sitting on a shelf in a Sydney library (Customs House) in vhs form, so…if some heroic Aussie (or indeed anyone in the vicinity with library access) wanted to take it out and digitise it (returning the vhs tape to the library of course) and upload the digitised version to the web (eg. Google vid), then let the world know… they would receive much gratitude and global renown!

In case search links breaks-

City of Sydney Library Catalogue.

Customs House Branch (looks lovely, although I’m sure they would bring it to your nearest branch).

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  1. Johnny Coates Says:

    Nice blog you got here.

  2. peoplesgeography Says:

    Can’t promise you anything … but I’ll see what I can do this weekend

  3. RickB Says:

    Hey Ann, nice to hear from you even as PG is on hiatus (you are maybe planning something with The Fanonite I recall?) it would be excellent if you do manage to secure a copy…ooh the suspense, Mission Impossible II eat your heart out!

  4. Bill Says:

    Did you get it?

  5. RickB Says:

    No word as yet Bill.

  6. peoplesgeography Says:

    I have it now though may be some days yet before I can get it digitised. Getting there …

  7. RickB Says:

    Go Ann! Fantastic, you deserve lots of medals and probably some cakes, salut!

  8. Drunken Economist Says:

    Waiting with bated breath on this one….

  9. peoplesgeography Says:

    Had to go for dvd conversion rather than direct digitisation. Perhaps you can complete the process: email ann AT peoplesgeography.com to arrange a dvd to be sent to you.

  10. RickB Says:

    Ok Ann, done.

  11. AK Says:

    Hello. I’ve been looking everywhere for the remaining Adam Curtis docs (The Way of All Flesh & 25 Million Pounds) and I happened to come by your forum here. If you guys are able to make The Way of All Flesh available where could I get it from? If you set it up as a torrent I promise to seed it for a long time. Thanks.

  12. RickB Says:

    Thanks AK, stay tuned wheels are turning…

  13. Bill Says:

    How are you getting on?

  14. Bill Says:

    Here’s a link for a torrent of another Adam Curtis doc called “25 Million Pounds” I found http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/1779342/1550444/

  15. RickB Says:

    Thanks Bill, had some trouble with uploads (first time a/v sync was out, last two times the process froze) but with luck Flesh should be up this week sometime (honest!).

  16. Bill Says:

    I found a VCR of “An Ocean Apart, Episode 1: Hats Off to Mr Wilson” at Central Connecticut State University


    I know there’s probably no chance someone would get it and put it on the net, but worth a try 🙂

  17. RickB Says:

    Connecticut! Hmm, worth a spin I reckon and how fitting for the subject of the film, a transatlantic effort is needed.

  18. Bill Says:

    Here it is in a German university, Freie Universität Berlin. At least that’s closer!


  19. harpymarx Says:

    It looks like a couple of London uni libraries have it in stock, the whole series as well. Unfortunately, it isn’t available at the BFI library. There’s always inter-library loans in the UK which both public and academic libraries have tho’ with the cuts in funding that service is usually 1. to go completely 2. to up the charges…

    Speaking as a former library worker and library catalogue/ database geek.

  20. harpymarx Says:

    UCL, for starters. It’s an overnight loan. I’ll see what I can do, you are not in a rush for it?

  21. RickB Says:

    Wow, that would be splendid, no worries on time. Is it VHS or a DVD?

  22. harpymarx Says:

    Not sure will find out. Probably DVD I suspect.

  23. Bill Says:

    It might be the book though harpymarx, a book came out with the series.

  24. harpymarx Says:

    Doh! Indeed you are right Bill, wasn’t concentrating when looking at the record at UCL. Tis the bk.

    BUT all is not lost….. I have found another uni that stocks it…deffo video recording… have checked and double-checked…at B’ton Uni.

    Again, I will see what I can do……….

  25. harpymarx Says:

    Yeah Rick, sorry about the mix up re the video at UCL and it being a bk.

    Like I said it is available at B’ton Uni, do you still want me to see what I can do about getting it videoed?

  26. Bill Says:

    How are you getting on with this?

  27. RickB Says:

    Bill- So far no joy.

  28. Bill Says:

    All of the ‘An Ocean Apart’ videos are also at the University of Nottingham Library: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/library/
    Do you know anyone who studies there?

  29. RickB Says:

    Hey Bill, um not off the top of my head, but I will ask around.

  30. Bill Says:

    I found some other libraries with it. I’m not sure how to link on this page, so I’ve listed them here:


    They’re near the bottom (Glendale Public Library etc..). Long shots, but worth a try.

  31. RickB Says:

    Glendale! Hmm, not so close. Odd how this one is so rare, did it upset the Atlanticists?

  32. Bill Says:

    well, 1988 is quite a while ago. I think you’ll only find it in libraries and not private VHS’s.

  33. Bill Says:

    I think I found one of them (“Here come the British. Bang! Bang!”) at the ‘National Library of Australia’: http://librariesaustralia.nla.gov.au/apps/kss?action=Display&mode=fulldisplay&target=freenbd&queryid=2&startPos=18

  34. RickB Says:

    Bill, to keep you ticking over have you seen his new blog posts-

  35. Bill Says:

    Yeah I have, it’s really interesting stuff! 🙂

  36. Bill Says:

    There’s another doc by Curtis – ‘From Keynes to chaos’ – at the same library. I’m not sure what it is:


  37. RickB Says:

    Their library search never produces stable links! It is an episode in this show

    As it’s listed as 92 I wonder if it is Pandora’s box stuff, either a re-edit or is just the League of Gentlemen episode

    Under a different title?

  38. Bill Says:

    Yes, that’s probably it. It would be good to get copies of Pandora’s Box as well though. The versions on the internet aren’t complete (ex. the first episode gets cut off right at the end).

    • Rintintin Says:

      Mine, from the UKTV History channel, goes right to the end… it fades to black and then says “written and produced by Adam Curtis, BBC MCMXCII”… the one exception is Episode 4, which appears to end a bit before the end. So your point is well taken, but perhaps you meant episode #4?

      • Bill Says:

        I meant the first one: ‘The Engineer’s Plot’, about the Soviet Union. It does fade to black, but someone’s just spliced on the ending from episode 3: ‘The League of Gentlemen’. The first one gets cut off right at the point the guy was about to explain why communism failed in Russia 🙂 At least it does in my copy

        Anyway, you might be interested in this interview I found with Curtis: http://www.varsity.co.uk/features/1807

  39. Bill Says:

    Rintintin: I haven’t found it yet. I think the only chance is if someone takes it out of one of the university libraries it’s at. It’s definitely at Nottingham University Library (http://copac.ac.uk)

    • Anonymous Says:

      It’s also in 4 libraries in the US:

      1) Georgetown University [(LAU Gelardin Media Center) call number: VSH 830, Pt 1, status: available]
      2) Atlanta Fulton Public Library
      3) Boston Public Library
      4) New York University

      I’ve tried to get it via inter-Library loan, but most libraries are loathe to send VHS tapes in the mail for either love or money, given the abuse packages receive…

      If only we could find a student at either Georgetown or NYU, or even the public libraries in Boston or Atlanta, who would be game to check it out and make an XviD copy…

    • Rintintin Says:

      It’s also to be found at 4 US libraries:
      1) Georgetown University [LAU Gelardin Media Center, Call number: VHS 830 pt. 1, Status: Available]
      2) Atlanta Fulton Public Library
      3 Boston Public Library
      4 New York University

      I’ve tried to get a copy via inter-library loan but since libraries are loathe to ship VHS cassettes in the post, given the abuse they receive, no love or money in this case will do the trick…

      If only we could find a student or faculty member at NYU or Georgetown (or someone near the Boston or Atlanta Libraries) to check out episode 1 of “An Ocean Apart” and make us an XviD copy… anyone?

  40. Bill Says:

    Boston public library might be the best bet, since its open to the public.

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  42. Bill Says:

    In case you’re interested, Adam Curtis has put up the whole of Pandora’s Box – ‘The League of Gentlemen’ on his blog (http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/adamcurtis). There’s loads of bits that are missing from the version on the web.

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