Why Not Bail These People Out?

160 people made homeless by a dodgy landlord who has scarpered with their rent instead of paying the mortgages, where’s their government bailout? And what kind of zombie scum enforces the evictions? Phew, capital’s safe nevermind the puny humans who get in the way. As this piece by Nick Wrack says-Anyone facing repossession should be defended and the bailiffs kept out. If a landlord has been criminal the tenant should not be evicted, the banks got our money and they are still foreclosing causing homelessness (then banks buy up the foreclosed property cheap perchance). Quite apart from the very concept of the landlord, as if having shelter is some kind of whimsical fancy, a luxury that a human being doesn’t really need and thus can be a commodity to enable those with the correct access to become rich from rent that makes them owners not the people actually living in the property. Then the gamblers figured ways to financialise mortagage debt and bingo, here we are. A human need, a human right, nothing more than a profit centre for the predator, and addicted, they turned to infinite usury, hell, what could go wrong?

Around 160 private housing tenants are having to look for new homes as police investigate the companies which own the properties. The tenants in Colwyn Bay and Pensarn, Conwy had believed their homes were owned by property company Whalley Huws.

Sylvia Gouland from the Colwyn District Enterprise Alliance, a community support group, said that tenants had been told to leave their homes. “Those we did advise to go and see a solicitor were not entitled to legal aid. They had no grounds whatsoever,” she added.

Ms Gouland said she had known some of the tenants for years and they had never defaulted on their rent. She added that most of those affected had already left the properties involved.

Dad-of-two Robert Hordern, 36, was evicted from his Lawson Road property in September, but has fortunately now found a place to live. “I’ve been rehoused but am looking to get out of the area anyway,” he said. “The letter said the company had not paid the mortgage, which was a shock as I’d been paying rent to them in cash. I was not best pleased to just get a letter kicking us out.”

Hundreds of tenants in Stoke-on-Trent are also believed to be in the same position. Their landlord is property firm Whalley Huws Ltd, based in Llysfaen and Pensarn, and owned by Sheila Whalley and Anthony Huws.

No-one at Whalley and Huws could be traced by the Daily Post despite numerous calls and visits to their headquarters on Pensarn Industrial Estate, which is empty and up for sale, and Tan y Graig Road, Llysfaen.

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9 Responses to “Why Not Bail These People Out?”

  1. libhomo Says:

    Banks that foreclose should be legally required to act as landlords for at least 6 months.

  2. RickB Says:

    I see you and raise it to a year! That would be a very good regulation.

  3. wyamarus Says:

    Sorry to say that I am probably a very distant relative of Sheila WhalleyHuws,as there are just not very many people in the world with the Whalley sirname, but that said, in my experience an individual who you know personally, are friends with, and may even share the building with, is bad enough as a landlord. Having a corporation to hide behind should set off alarm bells that scream “No Maintenance – Shitty Repairs (if at all) – Arbitrary Rent Increases” and the ever popular “I’ll change the terms of your tenancy any time I please because I’m the Landlord”. Corporations exist to shield people from responsibility; they always have been a legal fiction to protect the guilty.

  4. RickB Says:

    Really wyamarus? Well if you know where she is and where all the cash is let someone know! Yes I agree about the landlord phenomenon, I mean it can be hard to live with someone you love’s conditions let alone someone just in it for cash. As for corporations well they have personhood but of course are not a person so yep, where does the buck stop? Just hives of suits avoiding legal and individual responsibility however they do like to take capital, just not the blame. People with integrity and are conscientious have enormous difficulty working for corporations I find, so the ones who enjoy it & prosper, hmm make your own judgement.

  5. A.N.Onymous Says:

    I know where they live, I worked for them for a long while. Not the best job I ever had. Really feel for all the people who got stung by this big family group of companies.

    They’ll get what they deserve, in time.

  6. RickB Says:

    Thanks for the info and yes, may they soon face the music for their activities.

  7. anonymous_traveller Says:

    Well I worked for this shower for over a year…cash in hand no w/slips etc Work was always a flurry once every month.Loads of plastering work.Lots of holidays for them to islands with secret offshore banks,”Plan B Banking”All the family on the payroll as watchers.The bald headed one whipped off to France to buy a Chateau v.quickly(are they there?)No planning on buildings.Slumlord tactics.”Dont worry we can get it passed”.Dont think they were passing the cash further up the food chain.Tax deductable partieson the lawn at llanssanan.biscuit tin under the bed filled with cash…no way! biscuit factory filled with containers of cash morelike.anyone know the update??

    • RickB Says:

      Great information, thanks. It does sound very much like certain landlords I have come across, maybe it just attracts scum!

  8. boobyprize Says:

    A n Onymous…wher do they live ,still local?? what is the update on this case??I was “moved on” from st asaphI would just like to know?

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