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I was asked by Dan @ Fitness for the Occasion to contribute a guest post to a new group blog Revolutionary Act. So you can, if you so wish, go there and read Greetings From ‘Socialist’ Europe by me!

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‘wrong intent’

The smacking sound you hear as you read this BBC report is your jaw hitting the floor-

A police officer has admitted changing his records to show he did not identify Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes as a failed suicide bomber.Surveillance officers completed the log on the evening after Mr de Menezes was shot at Stockwell Tube station in south London, the hearing into his death was told.

Part of it, in Laurence’s handwriting, read: “A split second view of his face. And I believed it was not NT.” NT is the acronym for Nettletip, the code name for failed July 21 suicide bomber Hussain Osman. Scientific analysis showed that the words “and” and “not” were added after the rest of the entry, the inquest heard.

Laurence had been given “words of advice” over the incident, but his senior officers had accepted he had not changed the log with “wrong intent”, the inquest heard.

Meanwhile Ivor, the surveillance officer had testimony-

Ivor had followed the suspect and was trying to establish whether he was Hussain Osman, one of four suspects who had staged the previous day’s attacks, the inquest heard.

Michael Mansfield QC, counsel for the De Menezes family, asked Ivor: “From what you saw, there was nothing up to that point to suggest that he was a suicide bomber about to detonate a bomb, was there?”

Ivor replied: “I couldn’t rule it out, sir, given what I saw, but effectively all I saw him carrying openly was a mobile phone and a newspaper on the train.”

The surveillance officer said De Menezes had been wearing appropriate clothes for the weather that day, noting: “He was dressed virtually identical to myself.”

Mansfield told the inquest De Menezes had his denim jacket undone “at all times” and was not carrying a bag.

And at the time of execution-

A DETECTIVE described a “shockwave” of gunfire yesterday as he recalled pinning down Jean Charles de Menezes after mistaking him for a suicide bomber. The officer, known by the code name Ivor, said he could not remember police challenging Mr de Menezes before they shot him seven times in the head.

He also told the inquest into the Brazilian’s death that he “used his instinct” after bosses declined his offer to arrest Mr de Menezes, 27.

Mr de Menezes looked “agitated” but did not speak as he approached officers on the Tube train, Ivor said. Recalling how Mr de Menezes “stiffened up straight” as he was held down, he said: “I heard a gunshot and I was dragged away on the floor. I recall being hit by the shockwave of the weapon.

“I remember Mr de Menezes turning his head slightly towards me.”

Officers then held a gun to Ivor’s head.

And fired repeatedly into his skull…And remember the ‘altered’ testimony from Owen-

The Special Branch officer, code-named Owen, removed a line from his notes claiming Deputy Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick said the Brazilian could “run onto Tube as not carrying anything”.

From Justice 4 Jean

As the firearms officers begin presenting evidence tomorrow, the following is a run though of the CCTV images from Stockwell station, by one of the campaign’s supporters.

The Return Of The Magnificent…er…One

Within an hour of BT finally being booked to send an engineer to the house the fault suddenly ‘corrected’ itself, hmmmm. So catching up…

And I rescued a chicken from a naughty dog. Frankly there’s not really a guarantee the connection will remain operative so this might just be a flying visit, anyways, to the comments!