Haiti Toll 793

Four major storms that pounded Haiti in August and September killed 793 people and left more than 300 others missing, authorities said Friday.

Haitian Civil Protection announced the new figures in a dramatic surge upward from their previous estimate of 326 dead on September 11 after the passing of Tropical Storm Fay and hurricanes Gustav, Hanna and Ike.

According to the new data, “793 people were killed 466 of them in the city of Gonaives alone, the hardest hit by the storms, while there are 310 people unaccounted for and 548 injured,” said civil protection spokeswoman Alta Jean-Baptiste

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2 Responses to “Haiti Toll 793”

  1. SpeedyDemon Says:

    Sadly, the major reason why Haiti continues to have this reoccurring problem every time a rainstorm passes by is because the land has been raped by a greedy forestry industry and greedy government.

    Until a genuine tree restoration project, such as the one in Korea after the Korean War in the 50’s, is instituted, this situation will remain.

    These people need more than just aid. In fact, the aid for these disasters could cease if the root problem was addressed properly.

    At one point in time it could be said that lives were lost because all the tress were cut but now lives continue to be lost from lack of corrective action.

  2. RickB Says:

    Yes absolutely, the forestry issue is crucial, various payments that were meant to be made to Haiti by the US have been withheld to influence it[politically (not to mention Aristide being run out of town by the US) and the UN forces have been appalling at times. I think Haiti is owed a great debt, its history is one of exploitation and outside manipulation, this series of disasters should be an opportunity to redress past injustices but there is little sign others are done messing with the place.

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