Autumn’s Here!

Autumn has kicked in here which means high winds racing in off the sea and…the dodgy rusty old phone line (thanks privatised BT oversubscribed & TalkTalk) begins to leak zeroes and ones. So the wobbly connection might stifle blogging a tad (it’s intermittent tonight) or it might be ok mostly, there’s really no way of telling. So there you go. A virtually pointless post (what do you mean ‘as usual’). I’m going to have my fifth go at getting it improved but as the ‘fifth’ implies, results have so far been, er, none.

Meantime, have a whizzy pic (that’s the technical term for slow shutter blurry goodness which doesn’t do the camera justice but hey this isn’t an ad baby, it’s art!) I took with my new fone-not too expensive cos it’s 2 years old and out of fashion, but I had to get one even though I hardly use it hence pay as you go is the best cost benefit solution even though it means you have to buy a handset when the old one kaks it– apparently it was the model clumsily product placed in Casino Royale, (it can’t be much longer until every single prop is sponsored and the mise en scène resembles a racing driver’s firesuit) which I didn’t know and would have put me off, I feel so used & dirty now.

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  1. GDAEman Says:

    #!@% ! You’re driving on the wrong side of the street!

  2. RickB Says:

    I wasn’t driving at all! I’m not really sure how we ended up driving one side and other countries drove the other (something about sword arms??) although this was more straight down the middle (changing lanes I add).

  3. harpymarx Says:

    “that’s the technical term for slow shutter blurry goodness which doesn’t do the camera justice but hey this isn’t an ad baby it’s art!”

    Darn totin’ right! It’s conceptual.
    Btw: I pay monthly for my top-of-the-range-paid-for-it-18-times-over-phone (with a 5 thingy what-you-call-it trendy camera…ah yes! pixels…thingy) and wotta a rip off!!!! I should go back to pay as you go… I have another 12 mths to wait before I can get out of the contract…..

  4. RickB Says:

    I lurve night time photography and with digi stuff it’s so much easier (& cheaper) and as a qualified holder of a fully paid up artistic licence if I say it’s art, it is!

    That’s how I was, contract until I did some sums, also the fashion angle keeps many hooked but if your usage suits it cut loose.
    On cams in phones given most are cmos not ccd & the lens is wee the megapixel is not so important, 3-6 is fine I reckon for snaps/draft.
    the only thing worth yearning for is a ccd with a decent lens but as that makes the phone more of a lump it removes the ease and casual nature. This one gives me a useful snappy cam and as it’s a phone it’s generally with me, the old adage -any pic is better than none- was a bit strained by my first gen cam phone, this one makes it happy again. Always carting your big swanky cam around is a pain in the bum (or I am I doing it wrong?).

  5. harpymarx Says:

    “I lurve night time photography”

    Yeah, I kinda like night time photography but the problem is the flash with my digi camera. Actually my mobile takes some better evening shots than my digi camera. Oh well, I am still a novice and hoping at some point to take up a course in photo journalism, maybe after Xmas. Keeps me occupied….

  6. RickB Says:

    I’ve never been a fan of flash, I think maybe because I came from theatre and film where lighting is constant as it were. I have a fuji S9600 which does a good dslr impression for much less and flash knows its place!

    “Keeps me occupied” Like France?
    All the people I know who did such courses absolutely loved them and it led on to much grooviness and happiness, nobel prizes, etc. So go for it!

  7. Harpymarx Says:

    “Keeps me occupied” Like France?”

    Har de har har 🙂

    Nobel prizes? More like ignoble prizes… But hey, I will take any prizes in the offing. Money. Anything

    Oh, and thanks for the support. I will go for it!

  8. ralfast Says:

    I miss the turning of the seasons. That is the one thing you don’t get in the tropics. Sure the leaves fall out, and the trees just grow news ones. I miss winter a little, just a few days of snow would be nice (not here, of course, I don’t want to reach the end of the world just yet!).

  9. RickB Says:

    Harpy- Blue Peter badge, cuddly toy?
    Totally, we need to make that ‘liberal media’ myth come true, and yeah I’m sure you’ll dig it, always found the time flew by when I was darkrooming it (although I suppose with digi you don’t need a darkroom, but just for nostalgia’s sake you could put on a blindfold and drop stuff while inhaling chemicals).

    Rafael- Yes I love the changes and while we don;t often get snow right on the coast it has happened and certainly it does up the mountains, I’ll make sure to post some pics if it comes to make up for your snow deficit (as yes a new ice age is bit extreme to wish for!).

  10. Harpymarx Says:

    “Harpy- Blue Peter badge, cuddly toy?”

    I’ll get back to you about that….though a wide screen plasma f*ck off style telly wouldn’t go amiss. I like me technology and gizmos.

    “but just for nostalgia’s sake you could put on a blindfold and drop stuff while inhaling chemicals”

    Ah, the good old days….

  11. RickB Says:

    I’m still rolling with an ol’ 21″ CRT, when that breaks I hope Amazon are still doing such good prices on sony screens (I must admit I did check them out and because of where it would go I cannot have bigger than 32″, which is probably a good thing, ooh you’re right this consumer tech shiny stuff is seductive. What’s the socialist equivalent of a cross to ward of vampires of consumption?)

    Yes indeed, the b/w printing you could have a work light but that colour stuff, pitch black!

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