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I was just declaring SORN via the directgov website on an old car that we can’t quite decide what to do with and at the end of the process (which is easy and much simpler than trogging down to a post office so yay for that) I got-

Your SORN declaration has been successful and you have now been automatically entered into a FREE Prize Draw for one of 3 brand-new Seat Ibiza  cars (unless you chose not to be entered in Step 1). Details of the prize winner will be provided at

Huh? So the govt. is doing prize give-aways like any sleazy corporation? Of course it’s a bit cunning as if you win you will be liable for tax etc but still WTF? And SEAT, got a good lobbyist have they? I see I could have chosen not to be entered but I missed it, silly me thinking that when I’m dealing with govt. sites to make legal declarations I have to be on the lookout for raffles! Also as part of the process you can tick a box to avoid you being sent offers and info, again like any business. Which I suppose to the consensus of our parties is true, all is commerce, public service is something plummy voiced actors talked about in black and white films. I have heard the idea that to get more voters it should be run as a lottery with every vote giving you the chance to win a million, which is how these suits think, not that over a third of people don’t vote because of lack of real alternatives, sod that, like we’re deviating from neoliberal dogma even as it destroys itself, nope we’ll retain power by having a minority vote for us by offering them a prize giveaway. Democracy Shmnocracy, Bingo or Sudoku, that’s your political choice.

2 Responses to “Government Giveaway”

  1. harpymarx Says:

    Well, everything is being contracted out. Everything is corporate culture and marketing. “It could be you” mentality… How indirect taxation called the lottery gives you a false sense of hope..that your numbers will come up all thanks to lady luck, chuck away the daily grind kinda life and hello to loadsa cash. Who says money can’t buy you happiness..?

  2. RickB Says:

    But it can buy a much better brand of misery!

    Yes the ‘it could be you’ culture enables a rubbish day to day life by offering the (false) hope of escape. Having said that I have won the lottery every week for the last 3 years, I’ve got over a billion in winnings and I just can’t decide what to do with it. That’s the kind of anxiety the bolshie ‘politics of envy’ just refuse to understand! I mean the minimum wage just went up by 19p, what more do they want?

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