First Day of Jean Charles de Menezes Inquest

Now the BBC headline defers to authority and gives the police a head start, oh so predictable albeit poor journalistic practice. Happily Harpymarx went and posts about the first day complete with pictures, a wee taster (more @ Harpymarx)-

Listening to the coroner go through the stages of that morning, at no point did the surveillance team positively indentify Jean Charles as the suspect they were hunting, Hussain Osman. it was based on “maybes” and “possibilities” nothing substantial. Part of the strategy was to intercept people who came out of the house in Scotia Road but that didn’t happen. Confusion intensified along with the orders coming out of New Scotland Yard.

The surveillance team following Jean Charles gave various differing descriptions, one, which  echoes the institutionalised racism that is alive and kicking in the police, stated that he had distinctive Mongolian eyes! And therefore that seemed enough to satisfy the various teams and their bosses that they had the right guy in their midst.

Con Coughlin/Telegraph Referred To Press Complaints For Lies

The background from yesterday’s post here (including Coughlin being told to fuck off by former colleagues who have as low an opinion of him as I do) . Now today via Cernig @ Atlargely

Payvand– A complaint was issued today to the Press Complaints Commission concerning an article published in the Daily Telegraph on 12 September which claimed that enriched uranium has disappeared from Iran’s nuclear facility in Isfahan. Quoting an unnamed nuclear official the article, entitled ‘Iran renews nuclear weapons development’, alleged that nuclear material equivalent to that of six atomic bombs have disappeared from Isfahan and are believed to have been relocated to covert installations spotted by American spy satellites.

However the report of International Atomic Energy Agency published on 15th September states that there is no missing nuclear material and that “all nuclear material at the Uranium Conversion Facility in Isfahan remains under Agency containment and surveillance”. Responding to the Telegraph article, IAEA’s media head, Melissa Fleming, said that the allegations are “fictitious” and pointed out that “uranium is not enriched at Isfahan as the Telegraph story states but at the fuel enrichment plant in Natanz.”

The complaint issued today from the Westminster Committee on Iran, raises wider issues of media impartiality when reporting on Iran and raises concerns about the use of unnamed sources and sensationalist headlines. It also points out that the co-author of the piece, Con Coughlin, is none other than the journalist who, with the help of unnamed intelligence sources revealed link between the 9/11 hijacker, Mohammed Ata, and Iraqi intelligence which was latter proved to be inaccurate. On 24 January 2007, relying on an unnamed “European defence official” Coughlin alleged that North Korea is helping Iran prepare a nuclear weapons test. In December the Telegraph ran a headline article, also by Coughlin, claiming that Iran was “grooming Bin Laden’s successor”. Both stories were questioned by Middle East and military experts, and neither has since been substantiated. Jeremy Bowen, the BBC’s Middle East correspondent described the Bin Laden claims as “wholly implausible” and pointed out that Al Quaeda, a Sunni organisation would not be supported by the Shia administration in Iran.

I Don’t Think ‘New’ Means What They Think It Means

Putting out the fire with gasoline. Nice try scumbags-

Business leaders have criticised the government over the economic crisis, saying Britain needs a “new direction”. Eleven heads of major firms say simpler taxes, less regulation and more tightly controlled public spending would have left the country better prepared.

Of course New Labour have already done all that, continuing the Conservative party’s economic policies, but it’s never enough for the irrational greed of these addicts (with some tory connections). This is what the neoliberals will attempt, to use crisis and shock to achieve further implementations of their idiocy. From most (corporate) media you will hear calls for changes that are in fact simply more of the same except purer in their extremity and will lead to another huge crash in due course, but the key advantage for these numpties is- rich people will increase the rate at which they get richer. Their theories (if half arsed faux scientific paeans to selfishness count as ‘theories’) have demonstrably not worked…for us, but in fact have gone swimmingly well for a tiny elite, they want more, they always will. How we extricate ourselves from their mess and contain their power to do it again is the task before us. So no wonder they are scrabbling like the rats they are to head that chance off.

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