We’re After Your Money Not The Bank’s

I’m not sure whether this should be considered the second great robbery of the century or merely the continuation of the armed robbery begun in Iraq, not only is the Bush regime about to effectively steal the public’s money and give it the global financial parasites, it is encouraging other governments to do the same. The debts will be used as a rationale for cutting welfare, health spreading and expanding privatisation and further moving towards a feudal retrogression, this is the shock doctrine, a massive shock allowing extreme measures to be pushed through. The mistake is to think they are incompetent and didn’t see this coming, this was warned of 8 years ago, certainly greed, machismo and risk taking egotism played a role. But the situation we’re now at has been obvious for some time, this ‘bail out’ and dictatorial powers being given to Paulson are not some knee jerk panic. This is public money being redistributed upward into private hands and democratic control being removed from the treasury. They are pointing a gun in your face and they are taking your money and for generations to come, in Iraq they pulled the trigger quite often, here murder is not as necessary because a stupefied public do not have the slightest idea they are about to be conned on an unprecedented level. It will mean that without major social upheaval and finally forcefully taking back the stolen capital from the rich future politics will be entirely right wing, indeed they are bringing about the end of history through stealing our possibilities of a future. Do not be confused by govt/private in this, this is the wealthy who run both the private sector and government stealing the public’s money, conservative corporate politicians of both parties have hijacked government to use as a tool for their objectives. It doesn’t mean government is bad, that was the scam to reduce regulation that prepared the way for this (and the previous S&L con, again under a GOP regime and Bush’s profited incidentally) but corrupt government run only for the elite is a tool of oppression, (that’s why by and for the people is the important bit and why authoritarian Christianists pretend Under God is the important piece even though they got it added only a few decades ago) and why over the years strategies to strangle unions and atomise opposition with scape-goating of minorities were pursued (as well as the innate racism of many). The government now has combat hardened/traumatised soldiers to fill its security apparatus and with a choice between starving on the street and cracking some heads, positions will be filled. The future will be easy, you will have choice, serve at the elite’s table or fight in their imperial wars or emulate their sociopath predation well enough and you might become one. Universal healthcare? Forget it, Jesus will ease your pain if you deserve his help (ie. you can pay, all praise the prosperity gospel). Dismantling the imperial war machine of industry and government? And lose the only profit centre in the nation, what are you, a terrorist? Decent education? How much do you need learn to hate those that are different and shoot/imprison/taser them or clean a mansions myriad bathrooms or dance around a pole with your bits on show?

Enjoy this cut of DJ Shadow mixing it with Heat, of course the irony here is the robbery is not of a bank by people it is by the banks/corporate government from the people, federal insurance will not cover the debts society will be paying for decades to come and the ultra rich will have Blackwater to deal with any uppity lefties. I would advise you to start studying up, I don’t think this will be solved amicably. Will Obama buckle under, this moment tells you what actual hope (or lack thereof) there might be in the future. If he does not tell his party to block this his position of lesser of two evils gets…lesser.

PS. This mislead about also paying off non US banks gives the game away, it is to help the elite not the people of any country. This will not help any Europeans or Americans it will help the rich, nationalism is used to obscure the truth of class war and this move is to push the Bush scam on other governments all sold in a haze of demagogued American outrage at sponging foreigners. If other governments do not go along they will be painted as scroungers, this is an imperial economic & political ploy to save the capital of a transnational elite. America should reject this plan as should every other nation, it rewards the perpetrators of the crash and leaves us indebted for generations further pushing a global corporate extreme right wing agenda of destroying (social) democracy.

Telegraph Caught Printing Outright Lies By War Pimp Con Coughlin

I should add Coughlin is a neocon who does work that so helps MI6 they really should be paying him…Ahem. So (ht2C&L) Arms Control Wonk writes (links at original post)-

A couple of days ago Con Coughlin and Tim Butcher published an article in the Daily Telegraph that stated Iran had diverted some Hex from the conversion facility as Isfahan:

Nuclear experts responsible for monitoring Iran’s nuclear programme have discovered that enough enriched uranium, which if processed to weapons grade level could be used to make up to six atom bombs, has disappeared from the main production facility at Isfahan.

The article smelled fishy to me, and not just because I think that wrapping fish and chips is the only appropriate use for the Telegraph.

The story seemed patently false, but now we have a statement from the IAEA’s Melissa Fleming. The statement is available from an Iranian website, but I confirmed the authenticity of the statement with a colleague:

“The article, entitled ‘Iran renews nuclear weapons development’ published in [Friday’s] Daily Telegraph by Con Coughlin and Tim Butcher is fictitious,” IAEA Spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said in a statement.

“IAEA inspectors have no indication that any nuclear material is missing from the plant,” reads the statement….

The C&L post by Cernig reports how the bullshit WMD war pimp is the proverbial lie that travels around the world before the truth gets its shoes on, with it turning up in the Jerusalem Post, so we see the function of such lies. Openly false propaganda to serve the warmongering of certain factions laundered through a few media outlets, an exact copy of the WMD lies about Iraq. Which is not surprising as MI6’s favourite hack also did that.

As some consolation Private Eye#1216 (please put all your content on line, it’s called the 21st century Hislop!) reported a few weeks back in Telegraph Watch (retyped by my fair hands from the print edition)-

Emotional scenes at the leaving party for Daily Telegraph veterans Paul Hill and Patsy Dryden, who have been axed after serving on the foreign desk for 37 years and 19 years respectively.

Although many former foreign editors came to the Press House wine bar off Fleet Street to drink their health, there was one who had deliberately not been invited. Step forward Con Coughlin- who turned up nevertheless and found himself buttonholed by Robin Gedye, ex-foreign editor of the Sunday Telegraph.

“You’ve got a fucking nerve turning up here!” Gedye snapped. “you were responsible for sacking half the people in this room. Now fuck off.” Coughlin turned even redder than usual, and off he duly fucked.

Potemkin Heroes

At least they have the ‘respect’ to pay some fool to photoshop the US dead (wonder if step backward can go back to Florida 2000 and stop this before it started), they don’t even count the Iraqis-

The Associated Press retracted two government-issued photographs last night after a photographer in Texas alerted the agency that the photos in question appeared to be doctored.

Bob Owen, chief photographer of the San Antonio Express-News, notified the AP that the photos of two deceased soldiers, who died in Iraq on Sept. 14, were nearly identical. Upon examining the photos, Owens noticed that everything except for the soldier’s face, name, and rank was the same. The most glaring similarity, Owen told CJR, was that the camouflage patterns of the two uniforms were “perfectly identical.”

After inspecting the photographs, the AP confirmed that the images were, indeed, Photoshopped, and issued eliminations on the two photos.

APA Members Vote To Remove Psychologists From Torture Role

Against a leadership that spun, lied and collaborated with the Bush regime the membership voted 58.8% against being involved in the torture state. Full press release here @ Stephen Soldz’s blog. But as Valtin @ Invictus writes-

Insurgent Psychologists Win Key Anti-Torture Vote (excerpts)

One thing the resolution does not mean is an immediate pullout of psychologists from sites where human rights violations take place. Psychologists like U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Diane M. Zierhoffer, a former but now resigned APA member, still staff the Behavioral Science Consultation Teams (BSCT) at Guantanamo and elsewhere. Lt. Col. Zierhoffer exercised her Fifth Amendment rights not to answer questions about her participation in the interrogation of controversial “child soldier” Guantanamo prisoner Mohammad Jawad. Her refusal to answer questions about her actions — Zierhoffer is accused of signing off on keeping Jawad in solitary confinement, despite his mental deterioration — was widely noted and condemned…

It is now incumbent upon APA as an organization to implement the policy voted upon by a notable majority of their membership via free election. The APA must notify all relevant parties — the Pentagon, the President, the CIA — that it is now the position of the APA that psychologists not be utilized at settings where detainees are not allowed rights such as habeas corpus, and where abusive conditions of detention and coercive interrogation are well documented.

More, the APA should communicate the new policy statement broadly to media, legislators and the public. This APA has previously promised to do. They must not be allowed to bury the will of the APA membership. Members who have been withholding their dues in protest of APA policy should wait to see if APA has any real intention of implementing this new policy.

I suspect that APA will continue to procrastinate, as they have done with the so-called ethics casebook called for multiple times over the years (last at the 2007 APA convention). (The deadline for submissions of suggestions for such an ethics casebook was recently extended until the end of 2008.)

The reason for all the delays? The APA is deeply enmeshed in the governmental apparatus of military and intelligence organizations, while also serving varied private consultation and “scientific” organizations, and academia, all under the auspices of serving the national security state. Hence, APA belongs to a wide-ranging set of special interests, which forms an extremely formidable opposition to those who would fundamentally change the policies and personnel responsible for the institution of a world-wide network of secret prisons and institutionalized torture.

A Word to the Wise

BBC:- Imprisoned and tortured in his native Iraq for his opposition to Saddam Hussein’s regime, Rahim, 40, became an American citizen at a ceremony on 16 August, having arrived here as a refugee eight years ago.

…it was Rahim’s passion for composing and performing that forced him into exile. He used his talent and popularity to speak out against the regime by writing songs which protested against the Iran-Iraq war. The authorities didn’t hesitate. His recordings were banned and he was thrown into prison at the mercy of Saddam’s torturers. “But worst degradation was that they took my oud away,” he recalled. “I’d practice playing on my wrist. It was as though I could hear the music.”

“America is a wonderful place – the country is gorgeous and the people are so open and welcoming,” he said. “But Americans are very isolated. The only people around them are the Mexicans, who they treat badly, and the Canadians, who are just like them. If I can do anything while I’m here, I’d like to help them understand other parts of the world.”

I asked him how he was planning to use his first-ever free vote. The answer came back on the beat: Obama.

The occupation of his homeland had been a disaster. “I had mixed feeling when Saddam was overthrown because he was such a terrible man,” Rahim said. “But I also saw the devastation and the suffering that my people experienced as a result of the invasion. When there’s a snake in your house, you don’t destroy the house to get rid of it. But there have been four million people displaced in Iraq, one million dead, Shia turned against Sunni. It isn’t just about Iraq. We need change at home too. Ask anyone about how the economy’s affecting them. The Americans have suffered under Bush, too.”

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Government From The VIP Lounge

I find this story Jotman has strangely fascinating, he says-

Somchai, the new Thai prime minister, has set up an office inside Bangkok’s old international airport Don Mueang. He says it’s temporary, but the protesters occupying the grounds Government House are in no hurry to move. And neither the army nor the police seem to have the authority to move them.

Bangkok Post:- The nearby VIP lounge 2 will be used to receive his guests while the four remaining lounges will serve as his deputies’ offices. Next to his office block is a building with 33 rooms that once served as airline offices or meeting rooms for airport executives. They will be a new workplace for some 2,000 staff of the PM’s Office, while a meeting room on the fourth floor will be for cabinet sessions. ”The room is not elegant and stylish, but it’s clean and looks practical,” Mr Somchai said.

I think maybe he could start a trend, after all most government is basically a corporatist sham so why not lodge in luxury commercial real estate, make the relationship clear. Plus if things get dicey you can hop on a jet and be gone before the populace wonder where all their money has gone and generations to come are in debt to private financial institutions (for example, ahem). The overwhelming security of airports would also work to keep the governed away from the seat of power and let’s face it, what politician really wants to hang with the great unwashed? C’mon admit it to yourself, they just aren’t that into us.

They govern in the interests of the super rich elite and this way they would meet them regularly as they passed though on their global travels plotting & stealing the world’s capital. Although would the environment begin to affect policy in odd ways, would a minister for Starbucks and The Sock Shop be appointed? Will a War on Lost Luggage be implemented? Or over priced croissants (actually I could get behind that, cheeky profiteering motherfuckers)? But really it would be a perfect match, all the government departments housed in the relevant franchise stores where they would at last openly show their true allegiances, all public service reduced to for profit businesses overcharging a captive market. Is the airport a perfect metaphor for the end stages of neoliberalism? After all it too will be extinct when the oil runs out.

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