Cut Out

With an early autumn power cut and subsequent downing of the vast telecommunications complex that feeds my secure undisclosed undersea base I offer you some quick cuts-

Chris Floyd again keeps the coverage of Somalia visible, civilians deaths now approach 10,000 and the piracy problem has been reinvigorated by the US backed ‘regime change’.Otto sez- Instead of “Estados Unidos” (United States), the big country up North is being called “Estados Hundidos” (sunken States).

Also see his advisory for what it’s really like in Bolivia as peace breaks out, even as the US pulls out Peace corps ‘operatives’ it is not a dangerous hell hole of anti American horror, perhaps because they value tolerance more than Bushland.

Washington refuses to say who it is funneling millions to in Bolivia, rejecting FOIA’s like they were going out of fashion (which I think they largely have under Bush) (ht2 BoRev).

Bigwood has made several attempts to obtain detailed information about the nature of current U.S. spending in Bolivia, without success. He says he has filed five separate petitions under the Freedom of Information Act since 2005. However, one FOIA request he filed revealed that the quasi-governmental National Endowment for Democracy had funded programmes that brought 13 young “emerging leaders” from Bolivia to Washington between 2002 and 2004 to strengthen their right-wing political parties. “It’s not just the USAID but also other U.S. government entities that are putting money into opposition groups in Bolivia,” Bigwood told IPS, charging that a major part of the funding is apparently aimed at “bribing people” in that country.

Abiding in Bolivia notes how blog coverage has perhaps inspired some mainstream media to a bit less rubbish- Making a Dent.

If you are down Manchester way check out the Convention of the Left which is what actual leftists will be doing while corporate conservatives attend the Labour conference (perhaps though without money off vouchers for lap dancers like the Tories have). Also there is the Stop the War demo in town and an Anti fascist march in Stoke. And also something else is happening…niece number one is flying the nest, she is off to uni in Manchesterland, seems like only 18 years ago she was projectile vomiting milk all over me, whereas now she will get the chance to barf up kebabs and vodka all over Manchester’s rainy streets, truly God’s own country! It’s good stuff, none of her grandparents or parents went to university, she loves what she does, I hope she really has an enriching experience.

And finally, I would recommend subscribing to Pulp of the Day, each weekday a scan of the cover of a pulp novel in all its lurid exploitative glory, today is the brilliantly named Shanty Boat Girl, which is fabulous, it’s a song waiting to happen. The cover promises all kinds of saucy thrills, the guy bottom right clearly has more in mind than telling charming jokes, don’t fall for him Shanty Boat Girl, he’s only after one thing, your Boat!

The War At Home

Via Harpymarx another cowardly violent episode in the war Of terror wherein Iraqis safe here in the UK were imprisoned, then our Border Agency thugs tried to fly them back into Iraq, y’know Iraq that haven of peace, safety and democracy.

IFIR has been informed by Kurdish asylum seekers yesterday that at 7am, Monday 15 September Home Office commandoes went to the following four detention centres Tinsley House, Dover House, Oakington and Colnbrook removed and handcuffed 60 Iraqi asylum seekers and placed them in five coaches. Their mobile phones were confiscated before they could call solicitors or friends. The asylum seekers were then transported to Stansted airport, where a German aircraft waited to return them to Erbil in Northern Iraq. However, when one of the asylum seekers punched and smashed a window of the plane, the Commandoes boarded the plane to try to unsuccessfully pin the Iraqi asylum seekers down.

Many of the asylum seekers were badly beaten including Fazzel the leader of the Campsfield hunger strikers whose face is badly bruised.. The flight was cancelled and the wounded Iraqi asylum seekers have been taken back to Colnbrook and put in single cells. IFIR and the Coalition to stop Deportations to Iraq demand an immediate release of all Iraqi asylum seekers, an immediate stop to the policy of forcible deportation, a boycott of Royal Jordanian Airline and all other companies complicit in forcible removals. The government must end this barbarous policy once and for all. The Home Office is willing to play politics with these Iraqi lives, proving only to itself that Iraq is safe by sending people back to a situation everyone else can see to be volatile The operation this morning has entirely bypassed any usual procedure and represents a new level of contempt for Iraqi asylum seekers we ask all human right and refugee right organisations, MP’s and Trade unions to support our campaign to stop this policy of forcible deportation.

International Federation of Iraqi Refugees-IFIR

And you know I just want to make something clear, the people who did this, the people working for the Border Agency and contracted private corporations are doing immoral things. Even if you are desperate and have others to support you must look for another way of making money. Staying and doing this is the same rationale that all evil needs to flourish- I need the money, I have to do what I’m told to keep the job. Make a stand and stop being used, think for yourself and stop denying the humanity of your victims.

Leaders in government, in corporations, in your squad, in your office need followers otherwise they are nothing. Make them nothing.

Let’s Not Forget The US Election Will Not Be Fair

If you want to defeat the GOP you need at least 3% more votes for it to even show up as neck and neck, that’s if the wingnut packed court, state & local fiddling to flip the electoral college or Fox News doesn’t call it and create the perception of the actual winner being a griping loser. Color Of Change are fighting the latest scam, a move like most rooted in racist disenfranchisement-

It’s the ugliest attack on voting rights we’ve seen in recent history–if you live in Michigan and you’re in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, Republicans will try to take away your right to vote.

McCain’s response? Silence. Like Bush in 2000 and 2004, he’s trying to keep a safe distance from these tactics, while benefiting from them. McCain could end this with a phone call. But he won’t.

It’s voter-suppression at its worst. They’re taking advantage of folks falling on hard times and using it for political gain–kicking people while they’re down. It’s time to hold McCain publicly accountable for this strategy.

Will you join us in outing McCain for not denouncing these tactics and invite your friends and family to do the same? It just takes a moment:

Machine Gunning Children

Erbol- Translation: Machetera
Tuesday, September 16, 1:53 a.m.
La Paz. – On Monday, survivors of the “Porvenir Massacre” or the “Cobija Massacre” denounced the killing of a number of children last Thursday in the town of El Porvenir, when assassins shot peasants who were heading toward the area.

In statements to the Erbol Network, the leader of the Pando Peasant Federation, Cristian Domínguez, denounced the fact that vehicles belonging to the Prefecture had been given the work of collecting the lifeless bodies of the peasants in order to inter them in a mass grave.

“The comrades told us that they had seen dump trucks that had collected corpses, where they were stripped and had gone to throw them into a mass grave,” said Domínguez.

Tearfully, the leader questioned the departmental autonomy that the Pando Prefecture is trying to implement.  “This is autonomy, killing children,” said Domínguez.  Claudia Alpire, a peasant from the town of Filadelfia denounced the fact that a number of children had been riddled with machine-gun fire, while they begged their mothers for their lives.

“Those children cried, with machine-guns […], they asked that these children not be killed,” said Alpire.

For its part, the Pando Peasants Federation asked the government for logistical support once the investigation into the “Cobija Massacre” has ended.  According to data from the peasant organization, there are 9 dead, 24 wounded, and 39 hostages.  The number of missing totals 106, but they warned that the number could increase in the hours to come.

39 hostages‘- Does this mean the fascists are still holding people? That was Monday, I hope by now after the fascists were defeated and talks underway they are alive and free.

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