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In Superman/Seinfeld terms this could be termed Bizarro world but it was Dave @ Complex System of Pipes who coined the Spock reference in comments to his post BnpBC (part 2) where the Daily-Fucking-Mail (that’s the official title when incredulous at something it does) actually takes the BNP fascists to task (while the BBC coddles them like old pals). Hence this is bizarro world, opposite world, The Mail, criticising fascists? Blimey, I said it would rain frogs next and Dave said- this is all getting a bit too Mr-Spock-with-a-beard.

If this doesn’t make sense then- it’s reference to the original Star Trek series where in an episode (Mirror, Mirror teh interwebs tell me) we flip into a mirror universe where all the crew are thoroughly nasty imperialist brutes (oh the satire, take that ‘The Federation’. However Spock’s intellect even in his beardy evil incarnation allows for a resolution and Kirk is saved to further pursue alien skirt) which is denoted in part by Spock sporting a goatee/circle beard (and is helpfully explained in this t-shirt noted @ Boing Boing)-

Cultural attitudes toward facial hair? I’m sure there’s a thesis sitting somewhere that details this at length, still does it explain the ease with which non too bright punters can be convinced about thewaronterror ™ against the Islamocomufacismosomethingorotherjustpleasegivemepeopleto hatesoIdon’thavetothink ™? Facial hair! They must be evil! Shout the bearded rednecks, hmmm. Although given the vintage was this more a Lenin-esque anti-communist Cold War inspired trope?

Which is an awfully long introduction to this Newseek piece on Bolivia which *gulp* interviews Mark Weisbrot, a rather less America Fuck Yeah! kinda guy, about the coup and is really a pretty good piece all things considered, although I note it is a ‘web exclusive’, so the magazine won’t endanger its wood pulp readers with such subversion (after all in the past Newsweek has had different covers in the US to the rest of the world so as not upset the fragile constitutions of the Homeland’s audience in their dotage) first the Daily Mail, now this. Beardy Spock!

Word On The Street

“If we don’t act now, in thirty years we may be watching documentaries [about Bolivia] like those we see today about Salvador Allende”- Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

“they attacked us when we reached the bridge, where they ambushed us and began to shoot with automatic machine-guns”

Snipers located in the upper reaches of the trees shot toward the crowd

“It was incredible, but the police only watched and inspected the peasants,” she said, and later added that “when the Prefecture’s attackers came toward us, the police fled.”

“they shot at the children, how they died, with gunshots to the heart, how those children cried, with those machine-guns”

“They threatened us in a deep trench that they opened at three in the morning; the dump trucks from the Department of Roads Services were there”

“We ran for the bush and the gunshots followed them, there was a woman who didn’t know how to swim, with her children, how they cried, ‘Mama, I don’t want them to kill you!’  They had no compassion for us,” said one of the survivors.

I concur with Abiding in Bolivia, the place to be is Machetera, she has translated gallons of reports (from which the above quotes are taken) for us weedy English speakers, the headlines-

Also see Blog From Bolivia (ht2 Inca Kola)

Politicians in the U.S., stuck in dueling tough-guy mode, have ignored the racist attacks and focused on the sideshow of Goldberg’s ousting. GOP Presidential nominee John McCain warned, “…Bolivia’s expulsion of the American ambassador there, reminds us anew of the dangerous trends in our own hemisphere.” Democratic nominee Barak Obama issued a similar declaration through a campaign spokeswoman. “Obama is encouraging President Morales to reconsider his current path for the good of Bolivia, its people, and its future relationship with the United States.” Two key members of Congress have called for an end to a Bolivian trade agreement over the Goldberg matter.

Latin American leaders, on the other hand, focused on the central issue at hand – the violence aimed at Morales supporters and the threat to Bolivian democracy. On Monday the Presidents of Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador and Venezuela (and likely Peru and Uruguay as well) will join Morales at an emergency summit in Chile to offer him their strong backing. Even staunch Bush ally, Colombian President Uribe, has rallied to Morales’ side.

The meeting was called by Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez. A Buenos Aires daily quoted her linking the attacks against Morales with one of the bloodiest memories in the region’s recent history.

“If we don’t act now, in thirty years we may be watching documentaries [about Bolivia] like those we see today about Salvador Allende [the democratically-elected President of Chile ousted by Pinochet in 1973].


Morales Confirmed For UNASUR Summit, Pando Toll Rising

The Bolivian government said on Sunday that Morales would fly to Santiago for the meeting with the leaders of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela. The summit will be a test of the nascent South American Union of Nations, or Unasur, a 12-member group created in May. Its key members participated in a Group of Rio summit in March that quickly ended the Andean crisis. Both groups are seen as alternatives to the U.S.-dominated Organization of American States, or OAS.

Via Inca Kola News the Machetera blog translating local media reports-

According to constituent Veimar Becerra, the figure could be higher.  “According to my calculations, I who am familiar with the place, there are around 70 dead,” he told the Erbol Network.  He said that “the accounts I collected indicated that they were practically stabbed like animals, including those killed in the Tahuamanu river, when many people threw themselves into the river and tried to flee.”

“It’s not a movie, it’s the truth: there were children, women, we don’t know how many were killed, the attack, the ambush began at 10 and went on until 5 in the afternoon.  I got away because I hid in the bushes,” a survivor of the Porvenir massacre told the Erbol Network.

70, that is stone cold slaughter. Also at Machetera, Cobija is taken back from the murdering cowardly fascist militias-

Early this morning the Bolivian Armed Forces took complete control of the city of Cobija, capital of Pando Department, where a state of siege had been declared last Friday after an ambush and slaughter that took the lives of many peasants.

The first unofficial reports indicated that armed separatist groups who controlled the city, at the command of Pando’s prefect, Leopoldo Fernández, did not offer much resistance.  The operation took place between one and two in the morning today, September 14.

The first reports from the Erbol Network indicated that the military operation has taken control of practically the entire city and that shortly a commission will head for Porvenir where the massacre of peasants took place last Thursday.  Until now, Pando’s prefect, and the armed civilian groups that he commanded had obstructed the entry of humanitarian organizations to the scene, and while initial reports mentioned 8 deaths, the figure has increased as the days have gone by.

According to the first reports of certain authorities, there were no casualties among the Armed Forces this Sunday.  Last Friday evening, the soldier Ramiro Tañini Alvarado was killed, a shooting victim when the military forces faced off against armed civilian groups who were holding the Cobija airport.

There’s also more about the Venezuelan coup plot @ Machetera

Do not trust corporate media to give the whole story, supplement your news diet with essential blogs (and check their blogrolls for more)-