The Mystery Word Is- Bribery!

Because I don’t have the audience or responsibilities of the Grauniad I can add the missing word to this article –Britain’s worst polluters set for windfall of millions– in fact the only two bits of this you really need to know are-

  1. A flagship European scheme designed to fight global warming is set to hand hundreds of millions of pounds to some of Britain’s most polluting companies, with little or no benefit to the environment, an investigation by the Guardian has revealed. Dozens of multinational firms stand to benefit from the windfall, which comes from the over-allocation of carbon permits under the European emissions trading scheme. The permits are given to companies by the government, and are supposed to account for their carbon pollution over the next five years. But figures published by the European Commission show that many companies have been allocated far too many permits, which they can sell for cash.
  2. Campaigners say the allocations were also influenced by industry group lobbying.

Which allow you to correctly say- Bribery! What a relief the future of the human race is reliant on corporate crooks. We’re boned.

Fascism Rising

As Frank Sidebottom would sing ‘it is, it really is.’ First of all the Homeland, Larisa Alexandrovna is in DC and at her hotel a ‘Values voter’ shindig is also going on, go to Atlargely for more (&pics of the Obama Waffles) but a snippet or two-

As you can see, it shows an image of Obama as a turbaned “Osama” and the text in the red box says “Point the box toward Mecca for tastier waffles.”

I asked the “chef” of this ugly version of reality if he was at all concerned that this might be viewed as a white man putting a black man into a frying pan and he laughed and said “I hope so.”

I sat down to look at the waffle box near the deli outside of the exhibit and I overheard two women discussing the notion – frightening to them – that if Obama were to become president there would be more black babies in America.

And right behind these two fine twisted sisters were a group of older men discussing that this election should be treated (and I wrote this down) “as nothing short of WWII” and that “liberal fascism had to be defeated the way [the US] defeated Hitler.”

But check this, other journo’s were their keeping a low profile, business…(or pleasure for some?)-

I saw one journalist (although I was undercover so I could watch and listen without being followed as the others were) visibly as shaken as I was. I won’t name him, but he was calling in a story to his editor over the phone and what became clear is that he overheard the black baby conversation and ran out as upset as I was. I saw Lou Dobbs, but he was simply making the rounds. I also saw Mike Allen of Politico,

So we’ll see stories about this from Dobbs and Allen, yeah? For the sharp end of this reality there is extermination-

On August 8th our company executed a 10-year-old boy. We shot him in the back with a full magazine M-16. Approximately August 16th to August 20th – I’m not sure of the date – a man was taken out of his hootch sleeping, was put into a cave, and he was used for target practice by a lieutenant, the same lieutenant who had ordered the boy killed. Now they used him for target practice with an M-60, an M-16, and a 45.

The US backed action in Bolivia in this translated bulletin-

The Bolivian government communicated today to the national and international community that a civil coup has been put into action in the departmental capital city of Santa Cruz, led by the President of the Civic Committee, Branco Marinkovic, and supported by Prefect Ruben Costas. The national government will not respond to “provocations by fascist groups” and will defend democracy and national unity without declaring a state of emergency in the convulsed regions.

The government denounced several times in the last few weeks that there were preparations for violent protests with internal and external support. Today the predicted events materialized and began a “civic prefectural coup against the unity of the country and democracy,” said the government minister Alfredo Rada.

Students and activists of the [neo-fascist] group the Santa Cruz Youth Union (UCJ) and shock groups of thugs paid by the business-led civic movement from Santa Cruz attacked on Tuesday offices of Internal Revenue, the National Institute of  Land Reform (INRA) and the National Company of Telecommunications (ENTEL).

More @ SU. Also they update on the case of Ayodeji Omotade, upstanding citizen, good Samaritan who was arrested with British Airways (virtually a corporate arm of the state) complicity and faces a trial next week-

“The man, who was thought to be about 30, was being held down in his seat by four or five police officers as the other passengers filed on board, and was crying out in broken English that he was afraid he would die if he were sent back to Nigeria.  The officers took him off the plane, then returned and arrested Ayodeji Omotade, one of the passengers who had complained about his treatment. When others on board protested noisily about Mr Omotade’s detention, the captain ordered them all off the flight. The only person who eventually flew economy class on flight BA0075 was the unidentified deportee who did not want to go.”

Lots of ways to support him at his trial check the SU post or go to , here’s hoping like the Greenpeace and Raytheon 9 acquittals this allows a jury of peers to show the state we are not as tyrannical as they are or wish us to be. The vote of a jury might be the last true democratic choice people have (ie it has real power). And Dave writes more about the case of Habib Khan and the BBC quoting BNP talking points and I’ve just read the original trial report and it is shocking they extensively quote a BNP councillor as if he was from a legitimate political party, or is that now BBC policy to treat the BNP as just a regular party? The piece ends with Khan’s lawyer remarking-

Khan’s barrister, Simon Drew, said police investigations into the various incidents often “came to nothing” because of “generous failures by the system”.

‘various incidents‘- That is racist attacks by both the dead man (a BNP ‘activist’, father of seven and personal friend of BNP leader Griffin) and his son. It’s arguable that the response of the police while useful for white racists (generally allowing them to get away with their ‘activism’ and the only conclusion is some police sympathise with them) allowed the dispute to ferment and led to the death, and now the BNP are enthusiastically capitalising on the case. Which is a somewhat morbid strategy for its members.

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