Bolivia Rumble

Well right now the media are again indulging in their fetish to report on Latin America through a lens provided by US hegemony. Morales expelled the US ambassador, this is reported without reference to the secret meeting with secessionist leaders and whorehouse gun toting arrests of covert US assets. As ever Uncle Sam can do no wrong in ‘his backyard’. Some wilder headlines are going for the full Civil War pimpage. They unerringly refer to groups of fascist thugs as ‘right wing youth groups’ (bless) and the resounding victory of Morales in the recent referendum is forgotten (by a margin our leading parties could only dream of) as it would rather impinge on the legitimacy of the secessionist movement which is a combination of fascism, wealth worship, slavery and bending over backwards for the Empire. Bolivia also has some important resources, try and act surprised, the US destabilising a country and backing right wing militants while coveting its resources, who’d a thunk it? See, quite apart from the historical & geopolitical factors, oil, gas, the global corporate community are getting excited about…

Bolivia holds half the World’s lithium reserves, but is reluctant to damage its untouched salt flats in order to exploit this potentially lucrative resource. Almost all new electric car models appear to rely on Lithium for their batteries and one of Japan’s leading battery makers is warning there could be a shortage of Lithium within just a few years.

Ain’t the future grand? While still fighting oil wars the next generation of conflict is being set up. Combined with the Empire’s distaste of anything remotely leftish and its manifest destiny ordained by God!! to have an uninterrupted sphere of influence stretching the length of the continent, the new strategy of backing rightwing, greedy & racist secessionists seems it is about to be tested. The craptastic media have the expulsion of the Ambassador to hang their standard narrative of dangerous Bolshie foreign types who need controlling require a robust response in defence of freedom & democracy ™ Won’t someone save the poor ickle rich people from such dangerous uppity indigenous pinkos? But Morales has been dealing with this provocation for a while and as the New Latin Left is showing, Washington no longer calls the shots even if the North’s media is still pretty obedient.

“When the internationals leave Gaza, you will all be made to pay.”

For photos of the damage, see:

(GAZA COASTAL WATERS) 10th September 2008 – An Israeli military gunboat rammed an unarmed Palestinian fishing vessel today at high speeds. The gunboat smashed through the upper hull of the fishing boat, careened over the top, and landed on the other side. Extensive damage was caused by the impact to the fishing boat. The hull was badly damaged, and virtually the entire deck area, all the equipment on it, and the canopy above the deck were severely damaged. Unusually, all of the crew happened to be in the cabin or at the fore at the time. Had they been on deck they would have had little chance of survival. Via a megaphone, the Israeli military aboard the gunboat then made the threat that: “When the internationals leave Gaza, you will all be made to pay.” Human rights observers from the International Solidarity Movement and from the Free Gaza Movement have recently been accompanying Gazan Fishermen during their work. The fishermen are constantly harassed, threatened and attacked by the State of Israel, in flagrant violation of international law and maritime law. Israel has been attempting to impose an illegal “no-go” area 6 miles off Gaza’s coast through employment of lethal force against unarmed fishing boats. However, and this is not unusual, today’s attack happened within the so-called “permitted” 6-mile area. The ISM regards the project of accompanying unarmed Palestinian fishermen as a long term commitment. Some of the human rights observers currently undertaking this work are long-term volunteers who will be in Gaza for the indefinite future. More long-term volunteers are expected to bolster their number within the next few weeks.

Please TAKE ACTION and CALL: The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs tel: +972 2 530 3111 fax: +972 2 530 3367 Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations tel: +1 212 499 5510 fax: +1 212 499 5515

DEMAND that Israel stop using deadly force to intimidate unarmed Palestinian fishermen operating within Gaza’s coastal waters!

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How To Profit From The Migrant Gulag

Fire staff and replace with prisoners paid at 83p an hour. Kerching!

GEO, the multinational corporation that runs Campsfield under contract from the Home Office, not content with making huge sums of taxpayers money to imprison people whose only crime is to have come to the UK in search of a better life, is currently paying migrants £5 for six hours of work – either in the kitchen or cleaning.

In a bid to extract as much profit as possible from the misery caused by the migration regime, GEO (since taking over the running of Campsfield) has cut back on both staffing levels as well educational, recreational and other provisions at the centre. The Home Office says that migrants imprisoned in detention centres are exempt from the minimum wage and are not forced to work. But those migrants that we have spoken to have said that there is so little to do in Campsfield that working gives them something to do and takes their minds of the uncertainty of what possibly lies ahead.

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Read about Jean Pierre Gueutchue a torture survivor currently imprisoned there with our govt. intent on returning him to the torturers. And a good takedown –They have no compunction– of the bullshit tabloid xenophobia inflating a report by two sidelined politician’s with racist form into what some papers termed an ‘all party call’ for caps on immigration.

Pakistan Sovereignty…Not So Much

President George W. Bush secretly approved orders in July that for the first time allow American Special Operations forces to carry out ground assaults inside Pakistan without the prior approval of the Pakistani government, according to senior American officials.

The classified orders signal a watershed for the Bush administration after nearly seven years of trying to work with Pakistan to combat the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and after months of high-level stalemate about how to challenge the militants’ increasingly secure base in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

American officials say that they will notify Pakistan when they conduct limited ground attacks like the Special Operations raid last Wednesday in a Pakistani village near the Afghanistan border, but that they will not ask for its permission.

“The situation in the tribal areas is not tolerable,” said a senior American official who, like others interviewed for this article, spoke on condition of anonymity because of the delicate nature of the missions. “We have to be more assertive. Orders have been issued.”

PS. NATO not so keen on the Bush strategy-

(Reuters) – NATO will not take part in a proposed U.S. strategy of conducting raids into Pakistan from Afghanistan against Taliban and al Qaeda militants, a spokesman said on Thursday. “The NATO policy, that is our mandate, ends at the border,” James Appathurai told a regular news briefing. “There are no ground or air incursions by NATO forces into Pakistani territory.” Appathurai said he was sure the issue would be discussed when 26 NATO defence ministers debate Afghan strategy at a Sept. 18-19 meeting in London. But he added: “Let me stress, it is not NATO that will be sending its forces across the border.”

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