Picking Your Brains- Basal Cell Carcinoma

Due to a mishandled treatment of an actinic keratosis my mother now has a Basal Cell Carcinoma. It’s not a terribly serious diagnosis but the carcinoma is on the tip of her nose thus treatment needs to take into account the cosmetic results. So far the consultant wants to do the typical slice and graft but does this take into consideration how the nose will look? There has been no option of photodynamic therapy and I am suspicious this is simply because they do not do it (maybe it’s just not suitable but maybe its new fangledness is less cheap and old school than slicing bits off). Her concern for her appearance to be considered sympathetically and factored into the treatment seems reasonable regardless of age or the off handed male demeanour of consultants. So does anyone have knowledge and/or experience of this and what treatment would best leave a nose that doesn’t result in people desperately trying not to look…but their eyes are inevitably drawn to it.