Privatisation Shills Reform Fail Again

The Church of the Free Market shills ‘think’ tank Reform once again try their ridiculous hand at pushing the privatisation of the NHS this time with…insurance vouchers, sensibly no one is buying, or admitting to it, Clegg’s a bit of a worry though-

Healthcare organisations should compete to insure patients under a state-funded scheme which would radically transform the NHS, a think tank is proposing. Plans from Reform would see everyone given a £2,000 “voucher” each year, funded out of general taxation, to buy health insurance. Competition between private firms and primary care trusts would drive down costs and improve choice, it argues. But leading politicians from all parties criticised the proposals.

Labour described it as a “step backwards” while the Tories said the idea made “no sense”. In a speech on Tuesday, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg will “welcome” Reform’s call for patients to be empowered but reject calls for the way the NHS is funded to be fundamentally overhauled.

Also the piece should start with “A pro-market think tank”, not the proposal in a cold opening which gives it far too much attention before you realise where it comes from. A cursory reader might not twig what a load of old bollocks it is or is the journo fond of Reform? Shares in insurance corporations have we?

Beneath Contempt

I’ve had a few rumblings of OMG how appalling but really my reaction to the idea the govt. will work with Jeremy Kyle is a sort of numbness, I was bit puzzled, then I realised they really are beneath contempt. I would not cross the street to piss on them if they were on fire, you feel me?

Meanwhile SKY take govt. cash to propagandise for the Border Agency (thanks to No Borders South Wales for reminding me with a quote!). Hilariously the Sky page shows two white shaven headed uniformed men as representative of the UK Border Force(!) while below run ads for Ross Kemp shows. Make of those cultural signifiers what you will.