Malice Aforethought

The RNC created a precedent by having an insurance policy against cases of police brutality, that is how the corporatist crypto-facist Republican establishment work, they expect it (because they drew up the battle plans) and a corporation makes profit from a policy to protect criminal activity by security forces.

The deal required the Republican Party’s host committee to buy insurance covering up to $10 million in damages and unlimited legal costs for law enforcement officials accused of brutality, violating civil rights and other misconduct.

The Brown Shirt- Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher, they have fronting their Green Zone operation is, it turns out, a desperate man under investigation for serious corruption. He gave his best man a badge and a gun, he acted like a cop in an elite unit and was used as an ‘informant’ for search warrants even though he had no knowledge on which to inform. The protesters were herded onto a bridge then told they were under arrest because Fletcher claimed he had revoked their permit, (unilaterally, and…the permits weren’t revoked), then huge bail set, time limits on incarceration ignored as protesters were imprisoned in huge military guarded citadel Green Zone prison. More detail here.

Meanwhile, nevermind the trees. The forest: George W.Bush -the son of the former head of the CIA George Bush, who held high office for 12 years, 4 of them as President whose father backed the Nazi party during WW2 and plotted a facist coup– got to power in a coup cemented by the state his brother ran and a court with a conservative partisan majority. Warned of attacks before 9/11 they did nothing, well ok, George went fishing. Wars of aggression killing over a million and making over 6 million refugees continue, some remain below public perception such as Somalia. Torture, mass surveillance & imprisonment without trial are practised, the normal legal protections afforded constitutionally have been suspended under various acts and ‘signing statements‘. The Homeland Security agency in the guise of ICE are killing people in detention centres to terrorise migrants into obedience, the ruling party selects racist sales people incompetent at the job and demonstrably corrupt to front their election campaign while maintaining their grip on the mechanics of the election and the law. At their conference they demonstrate they will use pre-planned violence and subvert the law to control dissent and the media. The country while spending more than the rest of the Earth combined on the military with around 1,000 bases in over 100 countries is portrayed as a victim by ultra nationalist supporters who claim a divine justification to their wars of dominion. And the gap between rich and poor grows.

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  1. kyledeb Says:

    Thanks for the link to Citizen Orange RickB. That’s a long list of injustice.

  2. RickB Says:

    Hey Kyle, long and that’s the quick version. Congrats on your Alternet piece too.

  3. RNC- Some Charges Dropped « Ten Percent Says:

    […] authorities did during the Olympics. Also other protesters have not had charges dropped and the blanket insurance to cover claims against police brutality remains largely unremarked upon, a license to beat, gas and torture people. And now Iraq […]

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