Culture For ‘Em: Ka-Boom!

A Sheffield landmark was destroyed last night, the Tinsley cooling towers

Tom Ley, Tinsley Destruction

I didn’t go and now I feel like I should’ve, still thanks to Andrew for the invite and the links today. The Towers were in my graduation film (hurriedly found QT clip and screen capture doesn’t do the crisp 16mm film stock justice)-

But in a way it is in keeping with the film as it was shot all over the country and included footage (colour & b&w, indecision or Brechtian distancing, hmmm) over a three year span, so that even before it was shown various buildings or derelict areas were no more, knocked down, rebuilt, ‘redeveloped’. So it had captured moments and scenes that the ever changing urban landscapes made unique. Anyway, another one bites the dust, still no word on Canary Wharf being knocked down…