War is Peace, Occupation is Withdrawal

Rice is in Iraq, (so expect within weeks some massive amounts of violence which they will be plotting causing right now, oh sorry- she’s there talking peace and withdrawal, there there fluffy bunnikins) and-

Iraq’s foreign minister has said Iraq and the US are “very close” to a deal on the future of US forces in Iraq. Hoshyar Zebari says both sides were redoubling efforts to bring 10 months of tough negotiations to a conclusion.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice – on an unannounced trip to Baghdad – said the final deal would be in line with Iraqi laws and sovereignty. US troops’ immunity from prosecution and the timing of a US pull-out remain to be resolved, correspondents say.

The draft deal being discussed includes a commitment that US troops will start to pull out of Iraq’s cities from next summer, moving to large bases out of public view, says the BBC’s Crispin Thorold in Baghdad.

Well as long as you can’t see them then it’s just like they aren’t there. Yeah that works, from the manual -Imperialism for 3 year olds.

PS. Of course it’s unannounced, occupiers tend not to be so popular. Yes there was the regulation ‘situation on the ground.’ get out of any agreements clause, and yes they mention 147,000 US troops but not the similar number of mercenaries.

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  1. opit Says:

    I have always found it interesting that the role of contractors – paid several times as much as the military – is virtually immune from reporting.
    That and the ‘mysterious’ culling of Iraq’s medical and teaching professionals. Isn’t it interesting that ‘reconstruction’ programs have been complete and utter failures and the place is without power, water and sanitation.
    I don’t take that as an accident. Slowly accelerating genocide would be a more astute appraisal. Did you ever notice this ?

  2. ralfast Says:

    Read Naomi Klein’s book: The Shock Doctrine- The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. She does a good job of breaking it down by the numbers.

  3. Harpymarx Says:

    And the Americans are very very cross indeed about the oil situation cos they were expecting the oil law to be signed, sealed and delievered but it aint happened… Probably due to the fact that the Iraqi people are utterly pissed off that their oil is going to be stolen so there has been concerted opposition led by the oil workers’.

  4. landsker Says:

    Hi Rick,
    Iraq for the Americans, as has been said by more than just a few, is like the foolish bear with a paw in the bee`s nest.
    Keeping a paw within, will result in a constant barrage of stings, but no honey, whilst removing it`s paw will bring an outpouring of angry bees, and still no honey for the foolish creature.
    Then there is the matter of around a million tonnes of bombed and burned-out armoured vehicles, lying rusted , twisted and useless, and still needing to be paid for by the american taxpayer.

  5. RickB Says:

    Opit- Yes, I assume it is mostly because the state forces feel some duty to have press relations but the mercs only hire PR when they are caught doing stuff, so journos mostly have to do a lot of work to find out what they are doing and …well it’s easier to report on press conferences. Yeah the flight of skilled labour and professionals is a huge problem and yes the war profiteering corporations have been happy with it, they use imported people who rely on them for pay and security so are much more malleable. It’s a colonisation of the Iraq middle class.
    Thanks for the link I have read that and will be posting about it with some other aspects, it’s appalling, they absolutely knew (Bush and Clinton) they were killing the old and children and poor, just to satisfy a geopolitical end.

    Rafael- Yep, a must read. I’m thinking of giving copies to everyone for Christmas, even though the chances of them being read are not so great.

    Harpy- Yep, they tried very hard to get the production sharing scams in place and I expect that some of the deaths of the oil workers have been hits by the occupiers. The connections between anti war groups and the oil workers union have been good thinking and I think probably will be important to strengthen as we put pressure for a less exploitative occupation.

    Landsker- That is a brilliant and perfect analogy, much like studies of chimps who try to extract goodies from jars then figure out to let go and use a tool, which means Bushco actually aren’t as smart as chimps despite being headed by one! As well as the wrecked materiel there is also all the depleted uranium all over Iraq, even if/when they leave the Iraqis and returning soldiers will be paying that cost for generations (like the debts Bush ran up but in a very immediate physiological context).

  6. opit Says:

    The Depleted Uranium section at Global Research.ca is appalling. One often missed datum is that DU is not only spread by the wind : the stuff doesn’t necessarily settle in place and stay put ! That means the dispersion area is expanding indefinitely – and is no respecter of borders, of course.

  7. RickB Says:

    Yes I think that the Whitehouse as it has a lot of corporate oil types really don’t care about pollution and environmental health, some don’t even believe in it and some figure they are privileged enough not to suffer the effects (especially when they are over in Iraq and beyond, but even domestically they seem to operate as if the air they breathe is different to the air the rest of us breathe). And it is possible some gain racist & classist satisfaction in deliberately irradiating the land of people they view as unimportant, other or below them.
    Also with DU there is a simple economic factor, it’s cheap and in some cases free to arms makers, so profit plays a role.

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