Cheesus Is Here!

Something to brighten (at least where I am) this damp drizzly Monday, the snack food Messiah is here! Via the splendidly named Lesbian Pirate Queen blog (nevermind a blog, that’s a movie waiting to happen!)-

A Missouri woman is claiming she recently discovered a depiction of the crucifixion in her Cheetos. “I think I found Jesus on a Cheeto, as funny as that sounds,” said Kelly Ramey of High Ridge.

Ramey’s pastor, David Bennett, was not as enthusiastic about the Cheeto’s theological significance, but he thinks some good may come of it. “If people can find Jesus, somehow, in each of us like she’s found in this object, that would be a wonderful thing.” Her husband has a special name for it. “He calls him Cheesus.”

Ramey plans to keep her divine snack food in a safe deposit box.

6 Responses to “Cheesus Is Here!”

  1. Capn Dyke Says:

    A Low Bow for th’link. Add a Proper Flourish o’Me Piratical Chapeau for th’Compliment.

  2. RickB Says:

    ‘Tis naught but a pleasure Cap’n, and swash of me buckle in return!

  3. Capn Dyke Says:

    Ahh, ’tis how it should be, RickB. Ye be quite th’Lad.

  4. libhomo Says:

    Anything is better than actually eating that crap.

  5. Corporate Welfare « Ten Percent Says:

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  6. RickB Says:

    Capn Dyke- Double rum rations all round!

    GLH- It occurs to me that should we worship crisp/snacks/chips then it would be a pantheist religion with many gods and savoury tasting sects and I would count myself a cheese & onion faihtful rather than one of those salt & vinegar heathens!

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