Get On Your Bike, Only More So

Cities in northern England such as Liverpool, Sunderland and Bradford are “beyond revival” and residents should move south, a think tank has argued. Policy Exchange said current regeneration policies were “failing” the people they were supposed to help.

A mass migration to London, Cambridge and Oxford would stop them becoming “trapped” in poorer areas, it said. One author acknowledged many people may brand the findings “barmy”. A Liverpool MP said they were “utter nonsense”.

Policy Exchange is one of the most influential right-of-centre think tanks and it has been credited with much of the fresh thinking behind the revival of the Conservative Party under David Cameron. Its report comes as Mr Cameron prepares to embark on a tour of marginal constituencies in the north of England, where most urban areas are still dominated by Labour. However, the Tories stressed that they wholeheartedly supported the regeneration of northern cities and the report did not reflect party policy.

Yeah, now we’re no more use making the ruling class wealthy in factories and dark satanic mills we should become economic migrants under a system that still does not share the wealth labour produces (so really, foot the cost of relocation for the golden opportunity of being exploited …er…all over again). And um, if people in ‘failing’ cities leave, who buys their houses to give them money to house themselves in the even pricier south? Oh sorry didn’t realise you meant we should all bow and scrape and gratefully live 12 to a room while the land owning class collect more rent, how is the Duke of Westminster these days? Or get new huge mortgages, that makes for very ‘flexible’ labour, won’t do anything to lose the job you must do for your whole life just to have that Barrat roof over your plucky ex-northern head (not entirely a new phenomena). Still revives the housing sector and the markets. Hmm it’s not that surprising an LSE hack co-authored it, all praise the holy market and the atomised human economic machines that must serve it. Yeah no wonder Cameron is trying to put some distance between him and his pet think tank, this makes Tebbit’s bike look like thundering compassion, tory blue sky thinking wants whole cities to be abandoned (hey if China can empty whole towns to feed factories then we must race to the bottom and compete). With no conception of human lives or culture or history, economically cleansed, just a resource to be used then discarded, worth nothing more than our labour value. Way to build support in the North you contemptuous right wing cretins.

‘Missing’ Or In A US Ghost Site?

First the US government version-

Siddiqui was shot in the abdomen last month when the United States says she tried to fire on a group of American troops who wanted to question her in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province. She had resurfaced after being declared missing for five years by human rights groups. The United States flew her to New York from Afghanistan last week and charged her with attempting to kill and assault U.S. soldiers.

Or (again)-

Siddiqui’s family and activists think that she was in the hands of Pakistani intelligence and then handed over to the United States. Several former detainees at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan have said they heard the screams of a woman, who’s been dubbed “The Gray Lady of Bagram.” Fauzia Siddiqui, Aafia Siddiqui’s sister, and Yvonne Ridley, a British journalist turned human rights campaigner, said they think the cries came from Aafia Siddiqui, who they contend was physically and sexually abused at the air base.

…the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, an independent organization, called the U.S. account a “cock and bull story.”

And the strange ‘arrest’ story-

The complaint says that she got hold of an officer’s M-4 rifle in an interrogation room and fired two shots, which missed. The officer used his pistol to fire back and hit her at least once in the torso, according to the charges.

Afghan police, however, said that U.S. soldiers demanded that local police hand over Siddiqui, but they refused, according to a report from Ghazni by the Reuters news agency. When the Americans disarmed the Afghan police at gunpoint, Siddiqui approached the Americans, complaining of mistreatment by the police, according to this account.

The U.S. troops, according to an unnamed Afghan police officer, “thinking that she had explosives and would attack them as a suicide bomber, shot her and took her,” Reuters reported.

Her lawyer-

Sharp also commented about Siddiqui’s current condition and in particular the gunshot wound she has received. Not having been given proper medical treatment for the wound, there is a real concern that it will become infected as it is believed to be septic. She is extremely weak and had to be wheeled into her legal visit.

Legal visits have also become a problem for Sharp and her client. They were only allowed to meet with Siddiqui in a cell behind glass with bars and their only method of communication was through the slot in the door used for food. Sharp was forced to bend over for the several hours of their meeting in order to listen and speak through the food slot. This resulted in extreme difficult for lawyer and client as they attempted to speak to one another. Sharp further commented:

“In that open situation, we were forced to keep our voices low as we were aware that we were video and tape recorded. The whole situation made it impossible for me to meet properly with my client.” Of great concern to Cageprisoners is the detention of Ahmed, the twelve-year-old son of Siddiqui who is still being detained in Afghanistan, alone and away from his mother, despite his status as a US citizen. It is imperative that the US place him in the custody of his relatives.

Yes folks that’s a 12 year old boy …god knows where, knowing what we do of the Bush regime he is probably being used as leverage on his mother- we’d sure hate accidentally lock him in a cell with 12 child rapists, but we get real stressed and forgetful when terrorists don’t admit their evil crimes.

Now after a week of being denied medical treatment a judge orders she receive attention-

NEW YORK (Reuters) A Pakistani woman suspected of links to al Qaeda and accused of trying to kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan was examined by a doctor on Tuesday after complaining of pain from gunshot wounds, her lawyer said. Aafia Siddiqui, 36, a U.S.-trained neuroscientist, was ordered by a judge to receive urgent medical treatment after she appeared in court in a wheelchair and had been held in custody for a week without seeing a doctor.

What’s remarkable is this ‘missing ‘time is now being claimed by the Bush regime as nothing to do with them, they point to-

Since 2003, Siddiqui’s whereabouts have been the source of much speculation. According to Amnesty International, Siddiqui and her three small children were reported apprehended in Karachi, Pakistan, in March 2003 after the FBI issued at alert requesting information about her location earlier that month. Several reports indicated Siddiqui was in US custody after her arrest in Karachi. But in May 2004 then-Attorney General Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller identified Siddiqui among several sought-after al Qaeda members. Human rights group and a lawyer for Ms. Siddiqui, Elaine Whitfield Sharp, say they believe that she has been secretly detained since 2003, for much of that time at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

So if you trust Ashcroft and Mueller to be fully informed of ghost sites and therefore aware of who’s in or not in them (which is unlikely as it puts them in legal jeopardy) OR B/. being used by the Whitehouse to maintain a narrative which is not actually reality based. Or C/. Bureaucratic incompetence. Can you imagine such a thing? And as the case progresses do remember her ‘missing’ son, leverage…