There are arguments about Hiroshima (mostly by those unaware of the facts) but Nagasaki? That was slaughter for slaughter’s sake, which the arguments over Hiroshima are used to obscure. At 11:02 am America visited it’s own version of a Holocaust on Nagasaki.

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That Orwell Blogger Finally Posts Something

But he doesn’t reply to comments personally, what’s up with that?

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Georgia On My Mind

Some things have stood out in various coverage of the conflict-

  1. The conflict that has erupted in the Caucasus has set alarm bells ringing in energy supplies as Georgia has a pivotal role in the global energy market with being a practical route from the region that avoids both Russia and Iran. A major oil and a natural gas pipelines run through Georgia to supply the Western countries. Russian planes targeted Saturday Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline but missed, Georgian minister said. (UPDATED) Georgia has no significant oil or gas reserves of its own but it is a key transit point for oil from the Caspian and central Asia destined for Europe and the U.S.. The 1,770km (1,100 miles) Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, which entered service only last year, pumps up to 1 million barrels of oil per day from Baku in Azerbaijan to Turkey’s southern port of Ceyhan where it is loaded on to supertankers for delivery to Europe and the U.S. Around 249 km of the route passes through Georgia, with parts running only 55 km from South Ossetia.
  2. This week’s military aggression by US ally and candidate NATO member Georgia follows only one month after U.S. State Secretary Condoleezza Rice visited the Georgian capital Tbilisi where she said that “[Russia] needs to be a part of resolving the problem and solving the problem, and not contributing to it,” according to Reuters. Not very coded support for ejecting the Russians. At the same time the US State Department made a policy statement that Abkhazia “urgently” needed an international police presence to replace the Russian peacekeepers.
  3. Saakashvili’s government was soon notorious for busting up peaceful demonstrations with the use of heavily armed security forces as the economic crisis deepened, the national debt soared, and the authoritarianism and corruption that characterised the old regime persisted. His popularity dropped from an astonishing 94% in the autumn of 2003 to 23% two years later. Washington has repeatedly bailed out the floundering “rose” leadership with aid grants, purportedly rewarding it for ‘democratic’ reforms. In 2006 alone, the former Soviet states received $565 million in aid programmes courtesy of the US Senate, to protect them from “authoritarian Russia”. The US is eager to stymy the pro-independence trends in Georgia, as these will redound to the benefit of the Putin-Medvedev government.
  4. Attempting to get US cover for Georgian efforts to force the peoples of these regions to stay part of Georgia ( S.Ossetia’s last referendum on the subject turned in a 97% majority for joining Russia instead) entirely explains Georgian keeness to send troops to Iraq and to join NATO. Georgia, despite its freedom-loving rhetoric, is probably marginally the more guilty party in sparking this conflict now – most likely in the hope of forcing America’s hand now that its NATO-membership plans have been dashed.

Ossetia is a chip in the game between Russia and Georgia who reckon the US will back them up, the pipelines going into more Western friendly hands pisses off Russia and the oligarchs and also cuts Iran out of importance (thus making action there less risky to the perpetrators supply lines). Hmmm, and the arms industry gets a profit boost meanwhile the regular people are between a rock and a hard place. A horrifying example is this report from Al Jazeera on lepers in Iraq, neglected, ostracised with a disease that is easily treatable, freedom’s on the march…

Home Repossessions Up A Nudge

But in Disneyland it’s a ‘credit crunch’ (a blameless phenomena in no way meaning the markets should be regulated or investigated for fraud, ahem) or ‘slowdown’ not a recession, y’know like they weren’t reinforcements they were a ‘surge’. Anyways newspeak aside, forty fucking eight percent?

The number of properties repossessed by mortgage lenders in the UK has risen by 48% in the past year. The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) said there were 18,900 repossessions in the six months to June, up from 12,800 in the same period last year. The sharp rise was due to the economic slowdown making it harder for some homeowners to repay mortgages.

Caroline Flint, the housing minister, argued that people’s experiences now were nowhere near as bad as those in the last recession in the early 1990s. “In the 1990s the problems people faced were high unemployment and high interest rates,” she said. “We are making sure the right advice and support is available at the right time for the minority of borrowers who may need it at the moment because of global economic pressures,” she added.

Erm, maybe she didn’t quite hear that Home Repossessions Are Up Forty-Fucking-Eight Percent! Somehow that advice and support seems to be, hmm how do you say- totally fucking useless!

And no, people won’t face unemployment because the government are trying to destroy welfare, in the future there will just be ‘work‘ in the glorious corporate state. People previously thought of as ‘unemployed‘ (and the ‘sick‘) will work for below minimum wage doing jobs they quite possibly were fired from previously because a corporation bid a new ‘competitive‘ contract based on…below minimum wage pay. Sourcing labour from the jobless because they have a ‘training‘ contract with the Department of Work & Pensions who will treat the unwaged in the same fashion as convicted criminals and enforce, sorry ‘nudge‘, ‘community service‘ otherwise known as below minimum wage work. Are you beginning to understand the scam being pulled here?

PS. The co-author of the Nudge bullshit (and Obama advisor, oh yes) believes the Bush regime should not be prosecuted for war crimes, I guess the great and the good don’t need to be ‘nudged’ to behave. Again, are you beginning to understand the scam being pulled here?

PPS. And when were financial institutions warned of the consequences of their irrational greed, only EIGHT FUCKING YEARS AGO!