The Right To Bully

The mask continues to slip off Milton Friedman’s ideology to reveal the violent anti-democratic right wing reality-

“The national government is looking for violence….if they do not let us freely express ourselves and manifest our discontent with the government via the voting box, they are looking for us to burn the city down.” 2008 Cato Institute Milton Friedman prize winner Yon Goicoechea

Do visit the link to BoRev for a lovely Blingee of the proto-fascist rich boy (ps. the prize includes $500,000) details of the supreme court decision that was a reaction to. I do love conservatives who appropriate human rights when they are talking about attacking democracy and impoverishing the already poor, bless ’em.

More reports of the police suppression at the Kingsnorth Climate camp. Did Gordon Brown Pledge £3 Million to the security forces to suppress the camp (and again please note- The owner of the land agrees with the camp’s activities– so by what right are the police surrounding the people there?)

There are over a 1,000 cops, the FIT are out in force, it is like a huge military exercise. Petty restriction is the name of the game, the shuttle bus for example was impounded yesterday, on apparently trivial grounds. Everyone is searched. The rumour is that Gordon Brown has personally promised £3 million for the policing in a number 10 show of official strength.

To be honest, in my early 40s and 5ft 5 I look like Mike Tyson compared to many of the campers, police in riot gear threatening young women in flora dresses, is loco. One person told me that he had seen a cop with tears streaming down his face after one confrontation, I don’t know what the police have been told to encourage them but it is not exactly a threatening environment.

Given the presence of representatives from the New Latin Left countries this looks at times like very political policing to squash global co-operation of leftist and environmentalists. Yet there is no conspiracy here, no clandestine meetings or terror cells!!!!!! they are meeting openly and debating openly, to oppose that is profoundly undemocratic.

To get us in the mood the police helicopter regularly flew over our discussion tent, drowning our Andy’s accounts of repression in Colombia.

Gareth Dale @ Lenin’s Tomb-

Upon arrival, I asked the copper who was searching me – time for such conversations was not rationed — why the chopper was in the air. “It’s because an incident is going on. Don’t worry, it costs a fortune to keep it up there, it’ll only be sent up when there’s something going on.” In fact, it was airborne about one minute in every three; deafening, menacing, watching. Even at night it hovered above us, and would sometimes swoop low – perhaps in case its clatter at normal altitude hadn’t yet woken a few of those below.

Now that is very true a helicopter burns up fuel like a bastard, so keeping it up is about intimidation and also a big fuck you to environmentalists as it pumps out exhaust into the atmosphere! Are the humans under the riot gear uniform proud of being paid bullies for government and corporations, does it make them feel big and strong and proud when they look in the mirror? What went wrong in their life that is the validation they crave the most?

Grey Lady Revealed?

Remember Prisoner 650?

Siddiqui’s family and activists think that she was in the hands of Pakistani intelligence and then handed over to the United States. Several former detainees at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan have said they heard the screams of a woman, who’s been dubbed “The Gray Lady of Bagram.” Fauzia Siddiqui, Aafia Siddiqui’s sister, and Yvonne Ridley, a British journalist turned human rights campaigner, said they think the cries came from Aafia Siddiqui, who they contend was physically and sexually abused at the air base.


Saeed Shah ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – As U.S. authorities took a purported al Qaida operative to court on attempted murder and assault charges Tuesday in New York, her family, the Afghan police and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan cast doubts on the accuracy of the American story.

On Monday, the Department of Justice announced that Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani woman who was educated in the United States, had been taken into custody in mid-July in Afghanistan.

She was arraigned in court in New York Tuesday, and her case has inflamed anti-American sentiment in Pakistan and triggered street protests against Siddiqui’s detention.

According to the criminal complaint filed in the Southern District of New York, Siddiqui was arrested on July 17 by Afghan security forces in Ghazni province in eastern Afghanistan with her 12-year-old son. She was found with documentation on explosives, descriptions of U.S. landmarks and various chemical substances, the complaint says, and a day later, she was handed over to U.S. intelligence and military officials.

The complaint says that she got hold of an officer’s M-4 rifle in an interrogation room and fired two shots, which missed. The officer used his pistol to fire back and hit her at least once in the torso, according to the charges.

Afghan police, however, said that U.S. soldiers demanded that local police hand over Siddiqui, but they refused, according to a report from Ghazni by the Reuters news agency. When the Americans disarmed the Afghan police at gunpoint, Siddiqui approached the Americans, complaining of mistreatment by the police, according to this account.

The U.S. troops, according to an unnamed Afghan police officer, “thinking that she had explosives and would attack them as a suicide bomber, shot her and took her,” Reuters reported.

Siddiqui’s family, meanwhile, alleges that she’d been in secret custody since she disappeared five years ago from the Pakistani city of Karachi with her three children, and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, an independent organization, called the U.S. account a “cock and bull story.” Read the rest of this entry »