Kids In America

In a Chicago Sun-Times survey taken in May, students were asked how their lives would be different in a city with no guns. A clear patttern emerged. Almost a third of fifth- through eighth-graders indicated that their everyday movements have been severely limited by the specter of gunfire.

Show Them Your Cross

More evidence Uribe used Red Cross insignia in their mysterious ‘rescue’ (not forgetting US, French and Israeli involvement!)-

The International Committee of the Red Cross has voiced grave concern over what it says is Colombia’s apparent “deliberate misuse” of its symbol. The ICRC said it had seen video footage that suggested the emblem was used deliberately in July’s military mission to free 15 hostages from rebel hands. The government has apologised to the ICRC but also condemned the leak of the military video to Colombian TV.

As BoRev says

somewhere along the military chain of command at which Uribe sits at the top, a decision was made to deliberately violate the Geneva Conventions and International Humanitarian Law by having soldiers dress up as ICRC personnel and Telesur & Ecuavisa reporters.

And if you don’t know the joke.

Windfall Friends

Even NuLabour’s best friends are running a petition to reverse Gordon’s spineless corporate fellating rejection of a windfall tax. You can sign here. As part of the text notes-

As precedent a similar windfall tax was levied when Labour came to power in 1997 on the unearned profits of the newly privatised utilities and raised £4.5 billion. Similarly in 1981 the Conservative government levied a windfall tax on the main clearing banks – justified on the grounds that increased interest rates led to substantial unearned profits. In 2008 the spike in the price of oil has today lead to substantial unearned profits for the main oil and energy companies – we therefore call on the government to levy a windfall tax.

Revenues from the tax should be ring-fenced to deliver social and environmental justice for all. Part of the money raised should be used to immediately help those struggling with rising fuel bills and should be particularly targeted at families in or facing fuel poverty. However the best strategy to eliminate fuel poverty forever is to ensure every home is insulated and energy efficient to the highest standards. Therefore much of the money raised should be used to kick-start a national programme of home energy efficiency and installing renewable energy, starting with the homes of the fuel poor.

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“Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?!”

Srsly? On the anniversary of the US bombing Hiroshima (Happy Birthday LMT) making it the only nation (yet) to use nuclear weapons Bush leads the way to stop Iran having nuclear power and criticises China’s human rights while his gulag uses a kangaroo military court to convict a chauffeur of his employer’s crimes. An employer (and fellow multi-millionaire feckless playboy) previously trained and funded by…the US, who in the guise of the Bush Whitehouse made sure to ignore numerous warnings of the attack. All the while the stories of how the Bush regime fabricated the WMD lies to invade Iraq and kill 1 million people are being studiously ignored by the Olympics obsessed media, not to mention the anthrax shenanigans. And yeah Tony where’s your answer to this-

SUSKIND: What we now know from this investigation is that a secret mission was conducted in which a British manager, intelligence agent, met with the head of Iraqi intelligence in a secret location in Amman, Jordan. And what the Iraqi intelligence chief told the British-and essentially the Americans, because we’re all in this together-is that there were no WMD in Iraq.

Now of course there is a very, very basic reason why we know that they knew there were no WMD in Iraq and thus were lying- You don’t attack countries that have WMD- it’s honestly that simple, because if a nation has WMD any attack fails within the first hour as tens of thousands of your forces are killed with a few deployed weapons. That’s it, it’s like Catch 22, we know they have no WMD’s so we can attack but to get the public support for a war crime of aggression we market the spectre of our enemy/target having WMD’s. It was the lie they could agree upon. And France took an active role in the murder of almost 1 million Rwandans, y’know like we’re taking an active role in the murder of even more Iraqis. Clearly we think of ourselves like Brad and Angelina, gorgeous and philanthropic, swanning around the place bringing joy and happiness, while the majority of the world from whence our riches are taken under arms probably still wake up screaming over the monsters that any minute might concoct a new rationale (Freedom & Democracy ™) for coming over and stealing more shit.

“My mommy always said there were no monsters – no real ones – but there are.”

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