It’s A Mystery

I really feel for the confusion and bewilderment evidenced here, why is it poor people are still poor? It’s hard to fathom, I mean rich people have gotten richer than ever and are taking a greater share than ever, yet poor people remain in poverty, gosh I really wonder what the answer for that is…

Meanwhile this is the tories summer reading list, overwhelmingly white, European/US male, centrist to neocon and again I’m sure full of people mystified about all this weird poverty. And let’s all talk about The Nudge, after all making the surfs into better economic beings is what it’s all about, because we’ll just never figure out where all this obscure poverty is coming from. Maybe we could ask some billionaire’s, maybe they’d have an insight into the institutional and systematic processes that could have a bearing on the mystery. Although I don’t hold out much hope, it’s obviously a question without an answer, after all the best minds from the centre and right can’t figure it out (and that’s like all the political thought evah, yeah?), so how will us chumps make head or tail of it? *Sigh* I just suppose us citizen’s should take our nudges and stop wondering at the big questions, after all they’re insolvable, right? The media said so.

Get Nudged Fuckos!


Tom Sachs

Chanel Guillotine (Breakfast Nook) by Tom Sachs

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