Petition Against State Funeral For Thatcher

I think the No. 10 petitions are a waste of time, having signed many and had nothing but bullshit brush offs from the government, but for the embarrassment value this is fun, via Stroppyblog– sign a petition against Thatcher having a state funeral (and it is estimated the cost of this will be £3million -USD $6mill and this is a Labour government assenting to this), an honour she is wholly undeserving of and the last time one was granted to an ex PM was for Winston Churchill and he saw us through WWII so that’s understandable, but Thatcher? She destroyed unions, whole industries, privatised our utilities which has left our infrastructure in a much worse state, she openly supported Pinochet and pushed though homophobic and discriminatory legislation against LGBTQ people. She was against sanctions on apartheid South Africa and caused massive homelessness among 16-18 years olds (and others) by stopping their entitlement to welfare, and many other terrible and predictable right wing extremist hate filled crap, feel free to add in comments. In short- imagine Dick Cheney in a dress but twice as spiteful. Sign here.

9 Responses to “Petition Against State Funeral For Thatcher”

  1. ralfast Says:

    The Iron Lady is Dead?

    Oh and do expect Cheney to get the full treatment, they gave to Nixon after all…..

  2. RickB Says:

    She’s still alive, but it has been decided to give her a state funeral when she shuffles off.
    Well yeah, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Cheney etc.

  3. libhomo Says:

    I remember how disgusted I was with how Reagan (who was literally guilty of genocide and treason) was lionized by the government and the media when he died.

  4. RickB Says:

    Oh yes, that was pretty repulsive, seems all an old befuddled bigot has to do to become loved is die. It does also expose the affinity for the powerful and the conservatism in the media establishment.

  5. Ashley Says:

    where do i sign in favour of a state funeral?

  6. Kevin Says:

    Thatcher has done more harm in Britain and elsewhere in the world. She should be indicted for crimes against the working people of this country and against the dead on both sides of the “Falklands” war. No, no, no to any kind of state recognition.

  7. RickB Says:

    Ashley- You just join NuLabour.

    Kevin- Absolutely and it looks like Harman seeing the backlash is pretending it’s now a bit uncertain what will happen, so with enough outrage, they will drop it!

  8. Funeral Readings Guru Says:

    I’m afraid I have to disagree. I like Thatcher quite a lot and hope that state funeral wont be needed next couple of years.

  9. kerry Says:

    No state funeral for milk snatcher thatcher… mark thomas is starting a campaign about this

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