Police Win Appeal To NOT Pursue Criminals

It makes sense when the crooks are BAE and the House of Saud and cops are the Serious Fraud Office, so the case seems to be finally done, the government, BAE and the House of Saud get away with it-

The Serious Fraud Office won its Law Lords appeal today against a court ruling that it acted unlawfully in halting a corruption inquiry into a lucrative arms deal between Saudi Arabia and BAE Systems.

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) took the case to the House of Lords after the High Court upheld a legal challenge brought by anti-corruption campaign groups.

Jonathan Sumption QC, for the SFO, told five Law Lords at a hearing this month that its director made a “legal and appropriate” decision to stop the inquiry in late 2006 after receiving threats from the Saudi Arabian government to withhold cooperation on critical issues of anti-terrorism.

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) along with the campaign group Corner House Research won permission last year for a judicial review into the SFO’s decision to drop the case.

CAAT spokesman Symon Hill said the case had eroded the public’s trust in BAE and the Government. Speaking outside the House of Lords, he said: “Today I’m sorry to say the Law Lords have ruled in favour of the Government’s appeal and against the decision of the High Court, which was in our favour. However, in the judgment they have handed down, the Law Lords have failed to answer most of the points we raised or that the High Court raised when it ruled in our favour. We feel we may have lost legally but we’ve certainly won politically. Throughout the last few months and the last couple of years, we have been overwhelmed by support by people in all walks of life.

9 Responses to “Police Win Appeal To NOT Pursue Criminals”

  1. Leftwing Criminologist Says:

    I expected as much, can’t go messing up big arms deals can we??

  2. libhomo Says:

    Sigh, I can see that the US isn’t the only democracy or sort of democracy which no longer applies the rule of law to its officials.

  3. ralfast Says:

    The SFO motto:

    “We don’t wanna! And you can’t make us!”


  4. RickB Says:

    LC- Yeah, big things that kill lots of people are above the law, meanwhile we are all meant to panic about knife crime.

    GLH- Yeah never mind bird flu, Bushism (and no coincidence Bandar ‘Bush’ is involved in this) is infectious. Although to be fair it’s not like the UK establishment hasn’t forever kept arms deals above democratic scrutiny. This deal began under Thatcher.

    Rafael- I know that if I am suspected of a crime I want the SFO on the case, not only won’t they investigate, they’ll probably pay me off not to bother them.

  5. ralfast Says:

    The amazing thing is that their excuse for not investigating is that a foreign country invoked terror attacks on the UK!

    War on Terror? Go figure!

  6. RickB Says:

    Yes, but I think that was an agreed upon story to stall the investigation, they were going to stop it and they needed a story that would give them the wiggle room to do that. And if it is true, well we allowed them to threaten us, and we did what they want and continue to pay bribes to them, there is no way you can cut this where the govt, police, CPS & Saudis come out ok. And it makes the law look like a farce used to control us while our rulers do as they will, hmmm funny that…

  7. ralfast Says:

    If it is a cover story, it is the worse cover story ever! It makes them look like pansies! “We won’t investigate because we are afraid!”

    Jeebus, I can see the Tory back benchers having a field day with this!

    Their slogan for 2009-2010 will probably be:

    “New Labor…same old pansies!”

  8. RickB Says:

    They might try and make something of it but I doubt it, they are even closer tied to the deal than NuLabour, they got the ongoing deal going when in govt. it is not in either parties favour to investigate the House of Saud and UK politics, arms and money. Both party leaders know that whatever is said publicly, they both want to make sure the investigation dies. Everything is involved, prostitutes, drugs, bribes, terrorism, arms deals, corporate/govt revolving door, oil price and Bandar Bush! Like they say, you don’t have to worry about the police when you run them.

  9. ralfast Says:

    Oh I doubt they would actually do anything about it, but it makes for a nifty campaign commercial.

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