Ultra Violence & Addiction

With wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and troops spread around the world, the Department of Defense is the nation’s biggest oil consumer, burning 395,000 barrels per day — about as much as Greece.

The Air Force is the SUV of the military. Its thirsty planes burn more than half the fuel supply for the entire U.S. military. It’s received $1.5 billion in new relief from Congress for fuel — and last week still had $400 million left on its credit card.

Or put another way, the Empire as a whole-

Is it the fact that the largest economy of the world, which is driven by the military industrial complex and uses 25% of the planets oil, has concluded that only Iran stands in its way to controlling 60% of the globe’s known petrochemical reserves?

It isn’t just about oil, but it’s like…one of the top three motivations dude. When you’re running to stand still, peace is not an option. Junkies with atom bombs, not good.

Illusion of Democracy

Woohoo! Well done the union suits, you fund 90% of the Labour party and they just…told you to go fuck yourselves and you…said yes and offered to pay for the KY. Do you think corporations who pay NuLabour would stand for that kind of disobedience to their agenda? Like BAE for example, ahem. And still the school clique gossip level of political reporting is thrilling to chit chat of Brown being ousted, yeah because a different face on all the same policies is really worthy of our fucking attention.

The Labour Party has rejected trade union demands for less restrictive strike laws at its National Policy Forum at Warwick University.

Controversial government policies such as building a new generation of nuclear power stations, a welfare crackdown and ID cards were also all approved, a Labour spokesman said.

There is something about this ‘welfare crackdown’ that reveals a great deal of eliminationist hate in many people too. The reaction to the Purnell Solution let slip rather too many masks of bourgeois punditry revealing prejudice and bigotry as unemployed & sick people are planned to receive the same treatment as criminals. But that is what neoliberal doctrine inevitably leads to, an unequal society where all but the rich are under control and those very poor treated as criminals simply for existing, the trick to pulling that off is divide and rule and the hatred directed at those on benefits (which currently includes me) showed how easily many are playing into that very rudimentary scam. Many who from their other writing appear to be intelligent enough to know better also lined up with the un-waged slave economists, but then bigotry is no respecter of intellect (as the Iraq war and ‘Islamophobia’ is teaching us).

So there you go at a time of crisis-

And yet, when you would think the unions could do nothing other than denounce Blair/Brownism and force an about-turn in their disastrous anti-working-class policies, what do their leaders do? Issue a joint statement with the Labour leadership welcoming the outcome of the policy forum.

The corporatist dictatorship *sorry* consensus has maintained its iron grip.