Had some splendid friends over, so the web receded (except for some handy browsing on an iPod touch, it works, it really works!) and what do I find when I get back?

UK report says we shouldn’t trust the US (or UK HM Govt.) when it says ‘we don’t torture’, well bugger me sideways with a side order of cheese, what next? Will they discover Tony Blair has stepped down?

This cretin says pardon war criminals so they’ll tell us all about what they did, frankly I suspect he has a relationship with them and this is the preliminary soft spin of a campaign to save them from jail, just in case the expected fudges and betrayals don’t succeed. And if he he doesn’t, don’t matter, still an arsehole. (ht2 James@ Mahatma X Files, where I also saw this

Netroots Nation-Before Pelosi speaks, an announcement is made from the podium that disruptions will not be tolerated–if any of us express our frustrations too passionately with Pelosi and the sell-out Democratic Party leadership we will be arrested.

Then these-

Mossad, the Israeli secret service, was involved in the operation to free hostage Ingrid Betancourt from Colombian rebels, a Spanish newspaper said Sunday, adding US and French secret services were also involved.

And the IDF holding a bound man and shooting him with rubber bullets. Cyrus @ Iran Affairs posts scans of newspapers from 1951, when Iran was being set up for the overthrow of Mossadegh, similar? Like fucking photocopies my friends, here and here.

So the talks ended with Iran saying they were useful, Israel saying they were a bust and American war pimps likewise. Again, go read the paper clippings, relive the UK’s big role in the overthrow, such a proud history of erm, destroying democracy and stealing shit.

And from Citizen Orange, Kyle shines more truth on the reality anti-migrant rhetoric creates-

If people do not believe in my constant call for a more global approach to the issue of migration, read this latest shocking article from Guatemala’s main newspaper, Prensa Libre.

In the United States, migrant advocates frequently speak of the deaths at the border and in detention centers.  These stories are horrific, but they are the stories of the few migrants that make it into the U.S.  Most migrants do not make it into the U.S., and the scale of the horrors that they suffer are much worse, in my opinion, than the scale of the horrors migrants suffer after they’ve gotten to the U.S.

Now we find out that according to the “Foro the Migraciones” eight out of ten Central American women that enter through Mexico’s border are raped, regardless of age. I hope I can do something with this horrific information.

Get that? 80%, combined with the terrorist tactics of ICE, well Iraq, Afghanistan, Gitmo, ghost sites, Abu Ghraib, they are symptoms, points on a continuum. As is this-

Welfare reforms due to be unveiled – including abolition of the incapacity benefit system – will “transform lives”, says minister James Purnell. The work and pensions secretary said they would offer more help to return to work, but responsibility was “vital”.

There are also plans to force long-term unemployed people to work for benefits, according to a draft leaked on Friday. Tory leader David Cameron said it was “great” the government had taken up ideas recently proposed by his party.

So with democracy taken care of, time for some good old fashioned slavery. Bingo!