Another Right Wing Terror Plot With Little Media Attention

“The comrade arrested was mart88 yes the yorkshire organiser of the BPP.I know him quite well and have seen the nail bombs the police talk about on webcam, there are instructions on the internet on how to make them and belive me they are very simple.I just wish martyn could of let the bombs off down the local mosque before he was arrested, he has done time before and wont have a problem doing it again.This kind of activism is whats needed comrades, HAIL MARTYN AND HAIL COMBAT 18 NO SURRENDER, NO RETREAT 1488 “

a Nazi forum via Indymedia.

D-Notice, Lenin & The Yorkshire Ranter have this, the BBC report (and they aren’t many others) says-

A man who wanted to save Britain from “multi-racial peril” made nail bombs to further his cause through terror attacks, a court has heard. Martyn Gilleard, 31, “admired Nazism” and had links to white supremacist organisations, a jury at Leeds Crown Court was told.

Officers also discovered “potentially lethal bladed weapons”, 34 bullets for a 2.2 calibre firearm and printouts from the internet about committing acts of terrorism, Mr Edis said. These included instructions on how to make a bomb and how to poison someone to death, he added.

The jury heard how other material found at the flat revealed Mr Gilleard was “a man of white supremacist groupings” and had an agenda similar to the National Socialists, or Nazis. Describing the contents of one document written by Mr Gilleard, Mr Edis said: “He had come to decide that it was time to stop talking and start acting.

Unsurprisingly the tabloid press have not embarked on panic mongering about the threat of fascist terror from white people. After all there isn’t a country full of them our -white- elites want to other and invade…

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Culture For ‘Em- The Shortest Night

No that isn’t my house, it’s the wee cottage next door currently for sale for an unearthly amount (second home owners, bah!). Anyway, shot by my fair hands and… erm a Sony DV cam, had to site it indoors as bad weather was on the way, this years midsummer night (and yes, I did dream!). Throughout June it never really gets dark here and minus light polluting street lamps you can actually see that (even if the camera is not quite sensitive enough to register the glowing horizon, some long exposure still shots might be in order at some point). The occasional flashes on the left are a lighthouse caught irregularly by the time lapsed shutter.

Meanwhile battening down the hatches (rare my arse!) and even the fast things are slow now.