Now Will Torture Be Called Torture?

“There is no longer any doubt that the current administration committed war crimes,” [retired U.S. Major Gen.] Taguba says. “The only question is whether those who ordered torture will be held to account.”

And read what Stephen Soldz has found

In many cases they patched up detainees to facilitate additional torture:

“[W]hen the doctor had finished treating him, “I heard the doctor say ‘continue’ (to the interrogators)”, p. 21.

The cases where medical personnel were “helpful” are just as disturbing:

““[The doctor] helped me … he told the soldiers, ‘If you go on torturing him in this way, he will die’,” p. 85.

Not surprisingly, detainees did not report psychologists consulting in interrogations (SOP called for these psychologists to not identify themselves, an interesting ethical issue in itself). But treatment psychologists were perceived to be collaborating with interrogators:

“Haydar indicated, however, that he suspected the psychologists shared information with the soldiers,” p. 48.

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Axis of Spin

(AFP) — The US Treasury Department on Wednesday froze the US assets of what it said were a pair of Venezuela-based supporters of Hezbollah. They are Ghazi Nasr al Din and Fawzi Kan’an, along with two travel agencies owned and controlled by Kan’an, the department said.

“It is extremely troubling to see the Government of Venezuela employing and providing safe harbor to Hezbollah facilitators and fundraisers. We will continue to expose the global nature of Hezbollah’s terrorist support network, and we call on responsible governments worldwide to disrupt and dismantle this activity,” said Adam Szubin, Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Bingo! America gets two for the price of one smears Venezuela with how eveel Hezbollah are (to them and their nation-as-military-footprint Israel) as both show as little enthusiasm as possible for the truce with Hamas. Of course as terrorism goes 1.2 million killed in Iraq is sort of the world leader, so yes I call on responsible governments worldwide to disrupt and dismantle this activity!

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