Update on the Raytheon 9 & Hich

They’ve had a very busy week and of course they still have lives to lead, families to look after. The site Raytheon9.org should get updated over the weekend. A helpful person has sent me a quick email report:-

Basically, things are going very well indeed and Raytheon have shown themselves up in front of the jury as the heartless capitalist bastards that we knew they were. We had one of the UK Board of Directors in the witness box on Thurs and Fri. He was so arrogant and sleazy that I suspect he will have won us the case single handed. He ended up saying that he ‘didn’t know’ whether it would be lawful for Raytheon to continue to sell weapons to someone/country that had been shown to be committing war crimes. He also said that they saw ‘no point in engaging with’ those who oppose the arms trade, even if elected politicians. Once the trial is over, we will try to write his evidence up so we can share it.

Best of all, the judge showed a minute of news footage of the aftermath of the Qana bombing when this guy was in the witness box. It was great to see him forced to look at their handiwork, but he didn’t seem to have a heart and just looked away with a kind of sneer on his face….the jury was not impressed. “David and Goliath” was mentioned by one of the barristers…

The defence is starting on Monday with Eamonn McCann in the witness box. The trial may be over by Thursday, definitely by Friday of this week.

Thank you for all your solidarity. We really appreciate it.

Meanwhile the Borders & Immigration Agency and the figures behind the treatment of Hicham Yezza show they are sore losers, press release from freehichamyezza.wordpress.com

Following the cancellation order on his deportation and despite being unjustly incarcerated for over two weeks, Hicham Yezza has received news that he is to be transported to a fifth detention centre. He released this statement today from Colnbrook immigration removal centre:

“I have just been informed that I am to be moved to a detention centre in Dover. This would be the fifth movement in 9 days and is therefore unacceptable. It is deeply saddening for both myself and my visitors; it is also a great source of distress at this time and an affront to human dignity and my human right to be treated with respect and consideration. I am thus categorically refusing to go.

I am not a piece of luggage but a human being, and deserve to be treated as such.”

Despite the existence of a long term facility adjacent to Hicham’s current location he is once more being transported. Hicham’s dignity should not come second to the interests of private sector detention centres whose main aim is to delay release procedures and maximise profits. Given that the outcome of his bail application is imminent further transportation is unnecessary, such disruption would not only violate Hicham’s right to private life through contact with visitors and the outside world, but also places a needless burden on the tax payer.

Also the BIA never rest-

Hich’s case has attracted an unusual amount of attention due to the nature of his original arrest, but, in a political climate increasingly hostile to migrants, the horrific way he has been treated by the immigration authorities is all too common. This week alone, two asylum seekers living in Nottingham, Mary-Jane Mutetsi and Amdani Juma have been detained.

More details.