Free Hich Protest

{photos via Stop the Deportation of Hicham Yezza here & Facebook Group Global Support to Stop The Deporation of Hicham Yezza here, click for full size}

And (ht2 Guy C in comments) the Guardian today-

Lecturers voted today to try to stop the fast-track deportation of Hicham Yezza, the Nottingham University staff member detained on May 14 under anti-terrorism laws before being released without charge. Nottingham University called in police when Yezza, a former student working in an administrative role, was found to have a copy of the al-Qaida training manual.

On his release, Yezza was re-arrested and transferred to an immigration detention centre. He is due to be deported to Algeria on June 1. A last-minute motion put to the University and College Union annual congress in Manchester today said: “Hicham has lived in Britain for 13 years. The Home Office is attempting to deport him next week, leaving lawyers little time to prepare his case and preventing a proper hearing of Hicham’s case.”

Nottingham University released a statement you can read in that article they are basically doing the least possible they can. As a commenter wrote here

I was considering going back to Notts for my Masters, but there’s no way in hell that I will do that now. If the university considered the topic of Al-Qaeda that sensitive, then they shouldn’t have approved the dissertation in the first place! What an incompetent bunch they are!

The University will lose students and thus revenue if they do not robustly defend their staff, students and academic freedom. I’m sure it could get along as some glorified toytown further education college but when your idea of academia is whatever the domestic security forces tell you it is, you are not a serious contender.

And CrimeWatch style here’s your chance to re-enact the crime he is being persecuted for-

  1. Download the ‘Al Qaeda’ manual from US ‘Department of Justice’ (y’know the people who defend torture as not remotely criminal) government website
  2. Now print some of it.
  3. Guilty!

PS. According to cryptome which also hosts the ‘manual’ (as does the Federation of American Scientists, or buy it at Amazon)-

1. This document should not be identified as an “Al Qaeda” manual. This identification was applied falsely by the US Department of Justice as public relations gambit after 9/11 to promote the Global War on Terrorism. The term “Al Qaeda” does not appear in the document.
2. The genuine Al Qaeda training manual is much longer, about 5,000 pages (compared to 180 pages for this document), contains far more detailed and superior information than this derivative product, is now in its third edition, and is offered on a variety of web sites, which change over time, and all of which appear to be password restricted.


A reader suggests comparing with manuals of the School of the Americas: [dead link; material available through]*/

Working link:

7 Responses to “Free Hich Protest”

  1. naj Says:

    I take back what I said that “such $#!t doesn’t happen to America.

    Apparently Iranians at Stanford are harassed by FBI:

  2. RickB Says:

    Truly the authoritarian genie is out of the bottle and the stupid white men are loving every minute of it, the waronterror ™ is like a ride at Disneyland for paranoid bigots.
    I wouldn’t go to America for an education now, they have war criminals as professors!
    It must be quite expensive to study in the US and go through all the procedures, America must be stupid to be pissing off wealthy Iranians, that’s their natural constituency for co-option. “trojan horses” won’t play nice if they see the true face of neoliberal corporatism (unless they fancy themselves the new ruling class of a US client state Iran, maybe that’s the reason for the harassment, the US only wants politically agreeable students?).

  3. ralfast Says:

    I never thought I would see Big Brother and the Nanny State competing for the prize of the most repressive (and repressed) western nation-state.

    Oceania indeed….

  4. naj Says:

    I told the story of being stopped entering US, on my way to a conference, and being told:

    you are smart and charming, you might be a ‘spy’

    … so, it’s the white bigot paranoid IDIOT in FBI, HLS, …, ignorant idiots!

  5. RickB Says:

    Rafael- Well we can’t compete on quantity but our long history of colonial malfeasance should help with the quality of repression. You’ve never been properly oppressed until you’ve been oppressed by a Brit! (which -in Latin- I think is the motto of the Foreign & Commonwealth office).
    Also what might the prize be for such a competition, I really don’t think we want to find that out.

    Naj- Aha! So you are a female James Bond! I expect you then immediately deployed a hair dryer that became a jetpac and an exciting stunt filled chase ensued with you escaping to a John Barry fanfare and uttering a witty quip as the pursuers crashed behind you.
    Of course if you have a private jet (like say the BinLadens, ahem) no problem, such controls are just for us ‘little’ people.
    I think the authoritarian impulse is dangerously addictive and currently our societies are clamouring for overdoses.

  6. bob_knab Says:

    yapper yapper
    fort benning georiga
    blessings —————————-

  7. And Another White Terrorist « Ten Percent Says:

    […] then would a non-white person having a document about Al Qaeda be seen as having no connection? No. But a militarily trained white man having a white supremacy tract and making IED’s to […]

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