BBC’s spearhead into America Matt Frei is interviewed in the Independent, *sigh*

Frei is perturbed by the insularity of the Washington DC bubble, where government policy is drawn up in a highly-intellectual but not cosmopolitan environment. “In London, you walk down the Edgware Road and it’s like the West Bank, you walk down to Piccadilly Circus and you are surrounded by foreigners, you are steeped in international juices and in Washington you are not.”

So at least he acknowledges the beltway elite (at least in an interview) but why the West Bank comparison, what does this mean about his perception of ‘foreigners’? Is the other at home in a war zone?

The journalist has himself enjoyed the liberation of expressing himself in print. “Writing for television is an act of castration, essentially. Good television is about what you leave out, so you don’t use any adjectives and don’t describe what you can already see. It’s quite an unsatisfying form of writing because no-one ever remembers what you’ve written.”

Whoa there Matty, phallo-centric ego much?

He is convinced that the cause of war in Iraq was not oil but rather the President’s desire to settle a score with Saddam, and that the culprits for the current mess are Donald Rumsfeld for trying to “do Iraq on the cheap” and Condoleezza Rice for viewing that country as Germany in 1945 rather than “Germany in 1761, a post feudal tribal state split into different fiefdoms with a relatively low literacy rate and no industrial base”.

Like most of his media class he reduces geopolitical, imperial and cultural complexities to an elite soap opera and that literacy?

Hussein was returning to a very different school system from the one he left in 1975. Early in his rule, Saddam was credited with creating one of the strongest school systems in the Middle East. Iraq won a UNESCO prize for eradicating illiteracy in 1982. Literacy rates for women were among the highest of all Islamic nations, and unlike most Middle East school systems, Iraqi education was largely secular.

But, in the decade after the 1991 Gulf War, UNICEF estimates, school spending plummeted by 90 percent. Teachers’ salaries dropped to $6 a month and buildings deteriorated.

The US says Saddam starved the schools to spend money on his palaces, but many Iraqis say United Nations sanctions are to blame for crippling the school system

Quite apart from it being the supreme war crime not a ‘mess’ ‘on the cheap'(and did sanctions then Shock & Awe have something do to with that eradicated industrial base?) maybe faulty comparisons to European history betray the historical and cultural blindness, the tribalism inherent in the invaders …and their media partners.

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  1. naj Says:

    “the tribalism inherent in the invaders”
    I’m certain these “intellectuals” have never thought of themselves in those fine terms!

  2. ralfast Says:

    “Oh noes, they screwed up the execution! But the war itself, that was dandy idea!”


  3. RickB Says:

    Naj- Yes they are very quick to assign tribalism to others but never examine their own allegiances and biases, certainly a good anthropologist would find it highly amusing to study them and hear their self aggrandising pronouncements on how civilised they are while pursuing wars (or reporting on them with detached deference to power). Applying a tribal analysis to our lot would be pretty enlightening.

    Rafael- Yeah, that also assumes these things are all mistakes, whereas a lot (not all, but a lot) are intentional. And it assumes the imperial right to aggression. He’s just your standard polite mainstream journo pursuing his career, reflecting the views of the elite to which he has now become part.

  4. RickB Says:

    And ‘intellectual’ the Bush regime? What a fucking idiot.

  5. naj Says:

    Actually the “intellectual” does not apply to the Bush regime at ALL; but the tribalism of “intellectuals” deserves anthropological attention indeed, it’s the kind of crap I am suffering on a daily basis …

  6. RickB Says:

    I think the only adjective for them is ‘criminal’ and it’s literally and technically accurate they are in breach of numerous treaties international law and US laws. Not that the awfully deferential beeb pundits would say that.

    I used to be quite keen on anthropology (I used to live by a brilliant library in London), I’ll have a hunt around and see what there is on it. And if I may, as my Grandfather allegedly said (but never in the presence of us children)-
    Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

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