Direct Relief To Grassroots Aid in Burma

The Emergency Assistance Team (EAT-BURMA) is working at the grassroots level to provide aid and assistance to the people affected by Cyclone Nargis in the Irrawaddy and Rangoon division areas.

EAT is working with networks of local organisations and concerned individuals in Burma to get food, water, cooking equipment, shelter, clothing, health services and rehabilitation to those most in need. This will be provided by working directly with the affected communities.

For the safety of our teams and the people inside, we cannot give out information regarding the exact location of our teams, nor their identities. But we are working with a team of about 40 people on the ground who are each working with their own networks of local organisations and people.

You can make a donation through the Mae Tao Clinic donation page. Please put “Cylcone Nargis Disaster Relief” in the ‘Purpose’ field.

Currently, we urgently need funds to support the people inside and to address the most important needs of the people there. We will provide regular reports and updates to all of our donors on how this money is used. We hope to be able to provide photos of the work we do as well as these reports.

We estimate that we need 10 million baht for the first three weeks.

Mae Tao Clinic has been designated to take responsibility for the funds by the group. Donations may be sent through Mae Tao Clinic’s website ( or by contacting Mae Tao Clinic directly: (attention Lisa).

Via Burma Campaign UK

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