Aribert Heim, the ‘lucky’ Nazi

Not quite a paperclip, but maybe he helped develop those ‘enhanced interrogations‘.

It was 1941, and an 18-year-old Jew had been sent to the clinic with a foot inflammation. Heim asked him about himself and why he was so fit. The young man said he had been a soccer player and swimmer.

Then, instead of treating the prisoner’s foot, Heim anesthetized him, cut him open, castrated him, took apart one kidney and removed the second, Lotter said. The victim’s head was removed and the flesh boiled off so that Heim could keep it on display.

Born June 28, 1914 in Radkersburg, Austria, Heim joined the local Nazi party in 1935, three years before Austria was bloodlessly annexed by Germany.

He later joined the Waffen SS and was assigned to Mauthausen, a concentration camp near Linz, Austria, as a camp doctor in October and November 1941.

While there, witnesses told investigators, he worked closely with SS pharmacist Erich Wasicky on such gruesome experiments as injecting various solutions into Jewish prisoners’ hearts to see which killed them the fastest.

But while Wasicky was brought to trial by an American Military Tribunal in 1946 and sentenced to death, along with other camp medical personnel and commanders, Heim, who was a POW in American custody, was not among them.

Heim’s file in the Berlin Document Center, the then-U.S.-run depot for Nazi-era papers, was apparently altered to obliterate any mention of Mauthausen, according to his 1979 German indictment, obtained by the AP. Instead, for the period he was known to be at the concentration camp, he was listed as having a different SS assignment.

This “cannot be correct,” the indictment says. “It is possible that through data manipulation the short assignment at the same time to the (concentration camp) was concealed.”

There is no indication who might have been responsible.

The U.S. Army Intelligence file on Heim could shed light on his wartime and postwar activities, and is among hundreds of thousands transferred to the U.S. National Archives. But the Army’s electronic format is such that staff have so far only been able to access about half of them, and these don’t include the file requested by the AP.

Eli Rosenbaum, director of the Justice Department’s Nazi-hunting Office of Special Investigations, declined to comment through a spokeswoman.

“I don’t believe there is anything appropriate for Mr. Rosenbaum to add,” said Justice Department spokeswoman Laura Sweeney in an e-mail.

Austrian authorities sent the 1950 arrest warrant to American authorities in Germany who initially agreed to turn him over, then told the Austrians, in a Dec. 21, 1950, letter obtained by the AP, that they couldn’t trace him.

What happened next is unclear, but in 1958 Heim apparently felt comfortable enough to buy a 42-unit apartment block in Berlin, listing it in his own name with a home address in Mannheim, according to purchase documents obtained by the AP. He then moved to the nearby resort town of Baden-Baden and opened a gynecological clinic — also under his own name, Heister said.

In 1961, German authorities were alerted and began an investigation, but when they finally went to arrest him in September 1962, they just missed him — he apparently had been tipped off.

Heim continued to live off the rents collected from the Berlin apartments until 1979 when the building was confiscated by German authorities.

Proof that he is alive may lie in the fact that no one has claimed his estate. Heim has two sons in Germany and a daughter who lived in Chile but whose current whereabouts are unknown.

Ruediger Heim, one of the sons, would not comment when telephoned at his Baden-Baden villa.

“All I can say is that it has been implied that I am in contact with my father, and that is absolutely false,” he said. “The rest is speculation, and I can’t enter into that.”

Update July 08- Is he with his daughter in Patagonia?

Israel’s chief Nazi hunter has arrived in Chile to step up the hunt for the most wanted Nazi fugitive Aribert Heim.

“The reason we are going [to Patagonia]… is of course the fact that Heim’s daughter lives in Puerto Montt, and we think there is a strong likelihood that he might be in that area or in the area between Puerto Montt and Bariloche [Argentina].”

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, along with the German and Austrian governments, has offered $495,000 (315,000 euros; £250,000) for information leading to Heim’s arrest.
Although he would now be 94, they believe Heim is still alive because his family has yet to claim around $1.6m sitting in a German bank account in his name, says the BBC’s Gideon Long in Santiago.

6 Responses to “Aribert Heim, the ‘lucky’ Nazi”

  1. RickB Says:

    And now, a story he died in ’92 in Cairo,
    Hmmmm, even if true, note his family/friends never for a moment felt he should answer for his crimes and clearly others helped keep him safe.

  2. Amanda Says:

    People should have given more publicity to these Nazi war criminals decades ago .Now it is too late . They should have shown pictures on Tv and published them in newspapers and offered large rewards . Americas Most Wanted is effective catching criminals world wide.

    • RickB Says:

      Well some of the Nazis went to work for the allies after the war, so there was a collusion in protecting them, it wasn’t just lack of publicity. For instance some worked in Latin American torture regimes supported by the US, or in the ‘Gladio’/left behind program in Europe.

      And regards to Heim’s alleged death, it is not proven as yet, as Nazi hunters point out they have a motive in pretending to be dead. May be true, needs more investigation.

  3. JzHemlock Says:

    Here is a newsbreaker.

    Aribert Heim is NOT DEAD.

    He is living in Billings, Montana with an alias, as a US citizen! He has the exact scars, looks exactly like the age enhanced photo, same eyes, brow, lips in person. Owns a poison gas gun, gov block on phone lines, not allowing gov calls in, eludes to working with CIA, claims to have lived in Argentina, Chile, Spain, has paper Argentina money in his garage and resembles Ruideger Heim, amazingly. Yes, pictures show the exact scars on his right side of face. Has had injections into nose and chin to alter shape. Hides behind baseball cap and glasses, hunches over.

    I think the Billings Gazette should post his Most wanted age enhanced photo in the Heights and I bet they would get a lot of calls and people would identify him easily!

    Maybe while the Cleveland Nazi is away studying his hollywood script, they can concentrate on investigating and picking up this man hiding in plain site in Billings Montana?

  4. JzHemlock Says:

    I did…FOUR TIMES and they have never responded back to me …this is UNBELIVABLE TO ME! I can honestly say that I feel that this is him without a doubt due to everything we have gone through!Apparently nobody seems to listen or wants this information…gave them everything I had, including pictures and the address to his door. The man that I speak is a United States citizen but honestly..I don’t believe it for one second! I keep trying but to no avail. Ghostwhisper77

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