A Culture of War

Going from a BoingBoing post to the linked Radar piece about a guy posing as a ten year old boy writing to serial killers, he also wrote to leading right wing figures, one was Dick Cheney and through this I now learn how Desert Storm- the first gulf war (again the US lied to get the war going, Saddam Hussein was misled to think Washington had no problem with him invading Kuwait) was accompanied by kids trading cards. Topps cards (like baseball cards, or Star Wars cards) of a very real war so even children become propagandised imperial citizen’s backing war. This was one picture never to make it onto the cards-

The Highway of Death.

Children who collected the cards would be adults with votes when Iraq ll came along, from a small acorn of propaganda a great oak of belligerent entitled bloodlust shall grow. Mission Accomplished. This time though the already desensitised and propagandised imperial stormtroopers were in a contemporaneous feedback loop with the wonderful military loving imperial media-

Jack Bauer [24] had many friends at Guantánamo Bay, Beaver said, “he gave people lots of ideas.” She believed the series contributed to an environment in which those at Guantánamo were encouraged to see themselves as being on the frontline – and to go further than they otherwise might.

In a culture inextricably compromised by war for profit, hey kids shiny robots!-

Last year, the film Transformers was a big summer blockbuster, really popular with kids. It received a tremendous amount of military support. In fact, the film’s producers said it would have been a totally different film had they not received military support. But it would seem that it wouldn’t be necessary to have the military involved in that project. It’s a film about giant robots. It’s not a war film.

Rinse and repeat.


A man with a £3.3 billion personal fortune drives past workers his corporation has taken £40 million from and bemoans how a strike is endangering a £750 million refit. Well here’s an idea, pay for it yourself and you’d still have Two and a Half Billion left. But somehow it is considered acceptable such a thing as a multi-billionaire exists. But going on strike, now that gets headlines.

Ineos founder Jim Ratcliffe was booed by picketers during a visit to the site on Monday.

The class war is a cold one at present, not dealing with this will bring the heat.