Friday! The Bodines- Therese

The rather neglected but totally great Bodines accompany this pictorial of Hulme in Manchester, I assume that there are almost no people in these pics is a choice, it lends a rather benighted East German quality to poor old Hulme (pronounced to rhyme with tune- sort of Hyoom), which maybe contains some truths. It does evoke to me a taste of that area, which is a stark contrast to the scorchingly great Therese which was not so easy to dance to but sounded great in a club. Saw them live at the Hacienda, they were in a really bad mood, refusing to play Therese which was their biggest hit (which I didn’t mind as they had other great tunes) and didn’t play a very long gig. This was not untypical of the anarchic and sarcastic Manchester music scene which added to its unpredictable charm. They never got the break they deserved as they wrongly got lumped into a certain style of indie music that fell out of favour. Maybe if they had come out of a London suburb and not scenic Glossop -the North West’s Gateway to the Peak District!- they might have fared better, (bloody southerners)! Legend tells of their one album existing on CD but it is as rare as sightings of the white whale, but the vinyl abides and… Free MP 3’s here (thanks to a Mr Tom Bartlett).

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Say Hello To My Little Friend: SATO

Via The Fanonite

The governments of Brazil and Venezuela are leading efforts to create a NATO-style South American Defense Council, which could be formed by the end of the year. The regional body would coordinate defense policies, deal with internal conflicts and presumably wane Washington’s influence in its “backyard.” The idea gained traction after Colombia illegally launched a military operation in Ecuador to assassinate members of Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP). The governments of Ecuador and Venezuela responded by sending troops to their countries’ Colombian border, causing fear that a larger conflict could ensue.

Washington, at least in public, has supported the idea of the South American initiative. “I not only have no problem with it, I trust Brazil’s leadership and look forward to coordination with it,” said U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

Brazilian Defense Minister Nelson Jobim reportedly told Rice and National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley that the U.S. should “watch from the outside and keep its distance. This is a South American council and we have no obligation to ask for a license from the United States to do it,” said Jobim during a visit to Caracas on Monday.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had previously championed the idea for members of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) to create a coordinated defense council, but believes that the two bodies can co-exist. “I once said that if NATO exists – the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – why couldn’t SATO exist? The South Atlantic Treaty Organization,” said Chavez. “We’ve placed it on the table for Latin America once again.”

Yes of course Rice & Hadley (of torture implementation meetings fame) were fine with it, right after they probably skipped through the corridors of power singing the Internationale. And of course why is it any of their business, why does the press conflate imperialism with a moral right to have a say in every nation’s affairs? Hmmm.

2003 Again Already?

Brown/Blair, Iraq/Iran. Although y’know Bush has really aged. Good. The trick they have found is to mention nuclear weapons but not to call them WMD, so five years ago Dahling!

President Bush called it “naive” on Thursday to think that Iran couldn’t transfer nuclear enrichment capabilities from energy development to atomic bomb production. Bush rejected Iran’s argument that its nuclear activities are intended only for a civilian energy program. “If that’s the case, why did they have a secret program?” he said at a Rose Garden news conference with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Bush added that he regards Tehran as “untrustworthy” on the topic. Further, even if their activities are only energy related now, that could change, the president said. “To say that well, OK, it’s OK to let them learn to enrich and assume that that program and knowledge couldn’t be transferred to a program — a military program — in my judgment is naive,” he said.