Riot Police Break Up Harmondsworth Hunger Strikers

Via Dave which in part is the story in itself, this has not been reported in the media. Only Indymedia and Socialist Worker covered this-

Around 6.30 this morning ( 05.04.2008 ) that ‘riot’ police were at Harmondsworth and detainees were being taken away from the centre in vans. Around 30 detainees have been taken out the centre and to unknown destination, according to the news we got. From previous experience this looks like a typical reply from the authorities to break up the protest by moving detainees to other detention centes around the country and putting people in isolation.

On Saturday 5 April, between 5 and 6 in the morning, around 50 police in riot gear entered Harmondsworth immigration removal centre and took 30 detainees away. The detainees have been involved in a mass food refusal from 1 April. The detainees also occupied the courtyard. Around 120 remained all night prior to the raid.

Some detainees detailing their situation (emphasis added)-

Alimamy Koroma
Former unaccompied minor fleeing torture and violence in Sierra Leone.
”We are tired of inhumane treatement. The protest started yesterday and is going to continue. It is a peaceful protest in the courtyard. Everybody is here, 300 people (he estimates). They are denying asylum to people who needs protection without giving them the opportunity to prove their cases. Legal representation is of bad quality and some legal representatives work for the Home Office, not in the interest of the asylum seekers. In the meantime people are kept in detention, some have been there up to 21 months.

The food is disgusting. The medical facilities are appalling. Some people have mental problems and should not be kept with the others and some are going crazy because they lock them up too long in deteintion. We are not treated like human beings. The fast track system is unjust and unfair, it is not practical becuse it gives decisions in 5 days and two days to appeal. People cannot prepare they cases in such short time. Some people are in fear to go back to their countries where they were persecuted because of their sexuality, political opinion or religion, some are victims of torture, that’s why they are seeking asylum and the UK are sending them back. There are not time limits to detention, some people go crazy.

We wrote a petition and signed it and we sent it to the European Court of Human Rights, John McDonnell MP, mayoral candidate Brian Paddick who promised to take our complints to the shadow Home Secretary and to the Liberal Democrats. In the petition we are saying that the asylum process is not fair; that they are keeping us in detention for too long; that evidence we show including torture marks is not taken in considreation. It is mental torture and people are going mad because of detention.

In Sierra Leon there is civil war and political unrest. I was beaten and tortured by the police because of my political opinions, as a result I got scars all over my body. The immigration judge just said I cut myself, but how could I cut myself all over? It does not make sense. There are other torture survivors in detention, they are not referred to the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture and they are denied the treatement they should get.

I am on the fast track. When I arrived in UK I was 17. Now I am 21. I was in the hands of who brought me here so I could not apply for asylum. I applied for asylum in January 2008: they took me to detention straight away and put me on the fast track. They gave me 5 days to prepare my case and two days to appeal. I lost the case. The Refugee Legal Centre sent a psychologist who diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and said I should not be in detention, but others have worst mental health problems than me: people who have been tortured and go mad because they are detained.

People get beaten at airport and they come back full of injuries. People are deported illegally when they still have cases pending. We are human beings, we want to be treated with dignity we shall stay in the coutyard until our demands are heard”.

C. Edwards
Married with four children, he went to prison and was his first offence: possession of a small quantity (£60 worth) of cocaine with intent to supply. He got a 30 months sentence, done 15 months and now they want to deport him to Jamaica.

”What I really find disturbing is that I cannot leave my children: when I was little my father went off to America for 1 year and that affected me very deeply, so I know what I am talking about. The main problem is that I am a risk to the public, according to Immigration, but before I left prison they gave me a paper with a stamp that shows I am unlikely to break curefew etc: the prison sevices have assesed me as not being a risk to the public. I did a lot of training and education in prison and I was looking forward to get a job once released. The reason for me offending in the first place was that I was unemployed, my wife’s benefit money went missing and I borrowed some money from a ‘friend’ to pay rent and bills: later I got threatened when could not give the money back in time! I left Jamiaca because of problems. When I was in prison my mother was attacked in Jamica. The police signed a statement saying my life will be in danger there. My wife had a nervus breakdown and suffers from depression, she cannot go to Jamaica and it would be dangerous for the children”.

Benjamin Osa-Iduma
From Nigeria, all his family are here.
”They give us food you won’t give to a dog. Some people are here for 18 months or more without having commited a crime, some people want to go back and they are held here
some want to be released. I came at 14 after my grandmaother died to join my famliy: 3 sisters 2 brothers my father and my stepmum. They are all British and I have got a British born son too. I have no family left in Nigeria.

I went to to school and college, now I am at South Bank University studying computer technology and electronic engineering. I have got a partner and we are living together with our little son. She is Nigerian and has Indefinite Leave to Remain. My asylum claim was refused and I have been in detention for 3 months. They say I would abscond if they release me but how could I abscond? I got family! We don’t need better conditions, more facilities or more education, we need out of detention. We forwarded a letter to the MP (Mc Donnell). We have not eaten since 9am, we have been out in courtyard since. We want the press to come here’.”

Put simply is this what Britain represents now? A concentration camp kept out of the media where people are treated in the same ways we protest at China for? Where is their protest? I have already said the Border & Immigration Agency is not fit for the purpose, a wide ranging report agreed. Yet has anything happened? The fact this went unreported demonstrates a sick determination to deny these people’s humanity. So here it is, plenty of copy for newspapers to glean and print, hey they have money they could investigate it themselves, consider the gauntlet thrown down. You feel me?

More at Indymedia- Harmondsworth hunger strike broken violently & Detained Mothers on Hunger Strike in Yarl’s Wood.

Embassy City Has Landed

The occupation city state has finished with its slave labour and is open for business-

The State Department on Monday certified the new $740 million U.S. Embassy in Baghdad as ready to open, more than six months behind schedule.

Richard Shinnick, the department’s buildings chief, said problems with the mammoth, 27-building complex’s fire-safety systems have been fixed, and the embassy compound will now be turned over to U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker.

The heavily fortified complex, the United States’ biggest embassy, will provide working and living quarters for more than 1,000 U.S. diplomats and military personnel, many of whom have been posted on the grounds of a former palace of late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

No Food Crisis, Just a Market Crisis

But of course pointing out the Holy Market is a failure is heresy so the corporate media call it a food crisis. As a vegetarian this appals me, as a human it is also appalling, people are going hungry and measures to prop up the system that is inherently flawed which could incidentally feed them, deliberately remove food-

Amid soaring food prices and global shortages of some commodities, Canadian farmers are being offered $50 million by the federal government to destroy 150,000 pigs – or 10 per cent of the herd – this summer.

The program, announced in February, came into effect yesterday and is aimed at rescuing the industry from economic collapse.

Canada’s hog farmers badly need help to cope with soaring feed prices and a higher dollar, said the Canadian Pork Council, which is administering the program.

“I’ve been farming for 30 years, and this is the worse crisis I’ve seen,” said council president Clare Schlegel, a hog producer near Tavistock, Ont.

The money will be used to cull 150,000 breeding sows, which in turn will diminish the annual stock by three million pigs.

The destroyed sows will not become part of the commercial food chain.

The farmers say they hope about 25 per cent of the meat will go to food banks instead. Sows are usually made into sausages. Canada’s processing industry won’t be able to handle more than that, Schlegel said. The rest would be turned into pet food.

The program comes amid soaring demand and rising prices for pork in countries such as China. But Schlegel said Canadian farmers couldn’t export enough pork to China to offset the decline at home.

Meanwhile, some Canadian stores are now stocking only imported pork because the lower United States dollar has made the price of domestic pork uncompetitive, he said. He declined to name the retailers.

The Brown Bridge

Gordon Brown today embraced one of Tony Blair’s most controversial legacies when he cast himself as the best-placed leader to bring Europe and the US together after the bitter divisions over Iraq.

His remarks in an interview with CBS, which are likely to draw comparisons with Blair’s attempts to cast himself as the “bridge” across the Atlantic, were aimed both at President George Bush and all three presidential candidates.

Brown said John McCain, the Republican candidate, was “great hero of his time” and he praised Hillary Clinton for her “very strong argument” about how to deal with the economic downturn. The prime minister admitted that it was “an accident” that he had yet to meet Barack Obama but he praised the Democratic frontrunner for reaching out to apathetic voters.

Gordon is a war criminal because of his involvement in the Iraq war and continuing backing of it, but on Friday corporate media acknowledged Bush admitted he authorised torture. The liberal US blogosphere is now admirably trying to keep this admission on the agenda and are campaigning for hearings to begin, although many are politic not to scream impeachment too loudly, fuck polite, call for impeachment. Either way this is a defining moment and those who went along with this will be held to account, Gordon just volunteered himself top of the UK list (well joint with Anthony) with his enthusiastic poodling. No surprise Ben Griffin is still gagged. Our leaders are criminals, they are using the full powers of the state to cover up and continue their crimes. This is NOT politics. This is very simple. They are committing criminal acts.