Friday! David Bowie- Five Years

From a ’72 session for the BBC , I’m still trying to properly comprehend the Iraq war has been going of for five years now. Something in this song’s expression of powerlessness in the face of doom seems appropriate.

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Bush Wishes Iran Happy Norooz, With Threats

And I feel a bit embarrassed as with the Iraq war blogswarm taking all my time I didn’t mark the New Year here, still monkey boy makes up for it with a happy wish all wrapped up in a great big war pimp-

President Bush contended that Iran has “declared they want a nuclear weapon to destroy people” and that the Islamic Republic could be hiding a secret program.

Iran, however, has never publicly proclaimed a desire for nuclear weapons and has repeatedly insisted that the uranium enrichment program it’s operating in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions is for civilian power plants, not warheads.

Bush made his assertion Wednesday in an interview marking the Iranian New Year with Radio Farda, a U.S. government-run radio service that broadcasts into Iran in the Farsi language. The White House released the transcript on Thursday.

The president reiterated his view that Iran has a right to civilian nuclear power. But, he said, the low-enriched uranium fuel for its reactors should be supplied by Russia, a proposal that Tehran has repeatedly rejected.

“The problem is the (Iranian) government cannot be trusted to enrich uranium because one, they’ve hidden programs in the past and they may be hiding one now. Who knows?” said Bush.

“Secondly, they’ve declared they want to have a nuclear weapon to destroy people, some in the Middle East. And that is unacceptable to the United States and it’s unacceptable to the world.”

Once again showing what a nice fellow he is, I bet friends love it when he turns up on their birthday with a card and threatens to burn down their house while stealing the cake.

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