(AFP) – The world could solve many of the major environmental problems it faces at an “affordable” price, the OECD said Wednesday, warning that the cost of doing nothing would be far higher.

“It has a positive cost-benefit result. Regardless of the ethical, of the moral, of the social, of the political consequences, simply looking at it from the business and the economic point of view, it is a better idea to start right away focusing on the environment,” Gurria insisted.

Well it’s good they came to that conclusion, presumably there is the possibility of the case being- well it doesn’t pan out economically so we’ll just have become extinct- at which point proving the necessity of our demise. Ok, so you have to talk to capitalists in the childish language they can understand- here’s a shiny penny, you can have more if you don’t kill the life support system, okay then?- but…

Anyway idly doodling once and making silly equations brought about the above which seemed relevant, where-

  • e= earth, our planet with finite resources and capacities for regeneration.
  • ∞= the infinite growth and irrational greed upon which capitalism is predicated and causes.
  • 0= anything finite divided by infinity equals zero, thus in this case extinction, ecocide etc. bad things.


I just bought Nine Inch Nails new album Ghosts direct from their website for $5. Which means I pay less and the band gets more than in the record companies business model scam. And no material, no CD or packaging, pretty green for goths. Yeah, keep suing kids for file sharing, that’s the future.

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Having Your Cake

Read between the lines, this is officers playing a prank on the newbie but of course in polite corporate speak such a thing can’t be acknowledged-

“One of our officers, who is new to his post, received the e-mail internally in good faith and forwarded it on to the schools in West Oxfordshire to warn them. But after checking its veracity, it was found to be a hoax and a retraction was issued the next day.”

Police have sent out a hoax drugs warning to schools over a fake drug called “strawberry meth”. The warning said that the drug was being given to children outside their school gates. At least 80 schools in west Oxfordshire received an e-mail warning, leading to some holding special assemblies.

You know what’s coming…

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The Orwellian Satire Of The Metropolitan Police

Terrorists live in our communities, planning attacks and storing chemicals. If you’re suspicious of a property where there’s unusual activity that doesn’t fit normal day-to-day life, we need to know. Let experienced officers decide what action to take.

Yes, I do see hundreds of houses everyday, that’s so true, I can really relate to this. They really know ME! So that’s what those eveeel turrists do, they live right in our communities, like they are people or something, like secret robots or aliens!!! They store chemicals, make plans and act unusually. Oh my God everyone I know is one of them!!!!!! Maybe everyone who isn’t a police officer is one!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!! I have chemicals stored, I’m unusual, I make plans each day!!! I am one!!!! Help!!!! I better restrain myself until the police can get here and stop me in my evil tracks!!!!!!

Thank God, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, George Bush & Prince Harry! Experienced officers [and not for example deranged war-on-terror porn addicted gun happy numpties, oh no,] thank Jeebus the incredibly competent and reasonable Met coppers can be relied on to protect us from these dastardly fiends who walk amongst us!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

More pdf’s by the Met here warning you about unusual photography (doh, that’s me again) and unusual mobile phone…erm behaviour. And remember IF YOU SUSPECT IT, REPORT IT.
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EXPERIENCED OFFICER: (Picks up phone) Hello, Ministry of Justice Super Anti-terrorist League of Met Police Superness.

ME: Hello, I saw your ad and I suspect you might be a big frickin’ eejit.

EXPERIENCED OFFICER: And would you call that suspicious or unusual?

ME: (sighs, puts down phone)