Amnesty On Ben Griffin, Avaaz On Gaza

Following the injunction granted on 28 February 2008 by the High Court of England and Wales to prevent Ben Griffin, a former member of the UK Special Forces (UKSF) Special Air Services (SAS), from making any further disclosures relating to the work of the SAS, Amnesty International’s Senior Adviser, Anne FitzGerald, said:Rather than seeking to silence people who might have credible evidence of alleged human rights violations, which may include war crimes, the UK authorities should be seeking to investigate those allegations.’

‘Amnesty International repeatedly makes calls for the UK to ensure that full and independent investigations are carried out wherever there are credible allegations that agents of the UK, including members of the armed forces, may have been responsible for grave violations of human rights law or for war crimes. Those calls all too often go unheeded: only last week Amnesty International repeated its call for such an investigation into the UK’s alleged involvement in the US-led programme of renditions and secret detention, following official confirmation, after years of denial, that rendition flights did indeed touch down in the UK territory of Diego Garcia.’

‘There can be no accountability without transparency: people – including former soldiers – who have information that may constitute evidence of war crimes or of grave human rights violations must be reassured that they can safely make that information public, without fear of punitive legal action against them. If the government of the UK succeeds in gagging Ben Griffin and burying any significant information he may possess, it risks preventing others from coming forward who may have evidence of serious violations.’

And AVAAZ have a petition should you feel it might have an effect on any parties involved-

The Gaza-Israel crisis is out of control. It’s come to this: bloody full-scale invasion, or a cease-fire. With rockets raining down on both sides, Israel launched a ground assault into the Gaza Strip this weekend. Over a hundred combatants and civilians from both sides lie dead. The next 48 hours are crucial — Israel’s cabinet will discuss a larger invasion Wednesday. But Hamas floated a Gaza ceasefire months ago, and 64% of Israelis support the idea.

6 Responses to “Amnesty On Ben Griffin, Avaaz On Gaza”

  1. korova Says:

    Not that the Israelis will pay much attention to public opinion (see, but I have added my name to the petition.

  2. RickB Says:

    Seems like the have the same problem with ruling elites pursuing hidden agendas!
    Yep, me too but I think this is maybe in some aspects a post democratic and hence post public petitions era.

  3. j Says:

    I am surprised that Ben Griffin did not get others to join his side from the sas and armed services if indeed gross human rights violations are going on in contravention of international law.
    It makes no sense at all that he would do this single handedly if there was indeed strong evidence.Other sas men would also spill the beans along side him.
    Although ,I expect its going on,his lone tact however is not that smart for an ex sas guy.2 or 3 or more of these kind of people along side him would be a different ball set match

  4. RickB Says:

    Hi j, thanks for commenting.
    In the video he does imply there are others but the movement to disclose is in its infancy. So I think what you describe is going to happen I think he just felt he had to push things forward by forging a path. It is hard though because SF people will get a lot of highly paid work if they toe the line and the peer pressure is huge, going against the establishment like this will impact their future. Although I would hope they would (given the gravity of the crimes) rather than take the contracts offered by the usual suspects, wealthy patrons/corporations who have use for their services.

  5. kyledeb Says:

    I signed the petition earlier, as well, but I wondered if it was being misleading when it suggested public opinions matters in this case. Keep up the good work RickB, I need to stop by hear more often.

  6. RickB Says:

    Hey Kyle, yep it can’t hurt but I doubt the ruling groups care about about such things.
    And of course you do! Plus it’s good to get that dash of orange in the icons.

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