Mission Accomplished


(Above via Graham Linehan a Ted Rall cartoon. Below see People’s Geography)


The peace talks have now been sabotaged by Israel as even Abbas will not take the slaughter directed at Palestine and stay on message.

Mahmoud Abbas has formally suspended all contact with Israel over its continuing five-day offensive on Gaza that has killed more than 100 Palestinians.

I get the feeling we are seeing something unfold that was planned some time ago by neocons/zionists. I’m feeling blind-sided and worse is to come.

Update: From Korova

Defense Minister Ehud Barak will meet Monday with legal experts in the military and government to examine whether the Israel Defense Forces can legally target populated areas from which Qassam rockets are being fired at the western Negev.

And he asks is this about ethnic cleansing and/or creating the conditions for an attack on Iran. Like they say in the movies, I have a bad feeling about this.

PS. Also see this on the Welch Club by Franklin Lamb-

A stunning blond woman, ‘Rena’ who seemed more European than Arab and appeared to be some sort of military expert explained as though she was a Pentagon spokesperson:

“The US Nassau Expeditionary Strike Group based in Naples, Italy arrived in the 6th Fleet’s operational area three days ago. They may join the Cole and we are expecting eventually six ships. The Cole was re-commissioned in April 2002 and had its first post-attack deployment in November 2003.”

As this observer’s eyes widened, Rena continued:

“We are watching their movements carefully. Besides the Nassau, the group includes a guided missile cruiser, two guided missile destroyers and two additional amphibious ships. The amphibious ships can carry thousands of Marines and can land on Lebanon’s shores at almost any point along 120 kilometers.”

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    Dammit, that demands an update.

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    I hope you are wrong, but…..

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