Ben Griffin Banned Speech Video

This speech is from the World Against War rally the night before the UK government obtained an injunction gagging him and is in addition to the statement he had previously made. Then Stop the War posted the video and this statement-

“As of 1940hrs 29/02/08 I have been placed under an injunction preventing me from speaking publicly and publishing material gained as a result of my service in UKSF (SAS). I will be continuing to collect evidence and opinion on British Involvement in extraordinary rendition, torture, secret detentions, extra judicial detention, use of evidence gained through torture, breaches of the Geneva Conventions, breaches of International Law and failure to abide by our obligations as per UN Convention Against Torture. I am carrying on regardless ”
Ben Griffin, Former UK Special forces trooper

Text of Statement posted previously click here.

9 Responses to “Ben Griffin Banned Speech Video”

  1. Caroline Carter Says:

    Thanks for all you are doing to show the true face of this fascist government. Torture can never be right.

  2. libhomo Says:

    I was hoping that things would get less crazy under Gordon Brown. Boy were my hopes unrealistic.

  3. RickB Says:

    Hey Caroline, thanks for commenting, I absolutely agree, criminals running the state covering up for their and their masters crimes. But this won’t go away, the truth will out!

    LH- yep, as Ben Griffin says in his speech he cahllenges the new regime to break with the Blair policies, but they have not, same product (slightly) different packaging. Plus you have a party covering for other members (leaders) crimes, loyalty over ethics, a sad state.

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